Sunday, August 7, 2011


Oh how I have been terrible at blogging.  It just doesn't happen.  We are such busy people!  HAHAH, not really.  We do the same thing everyday.  Breakfast, chores and cleaning, lunch then Kloey naps... and we do 2-3 hours in the pool.

So looking at this picture... it's pretty obvious who naps!
Poor Kloey, my white little thing.  Don't worry babe, next year you'll be tan like us!  It's so funny too, because the highlights in Kylie and Kacey's hair are absolutely incredible.  I mean, I have friends that pay bank for blonde highlights and lowlights like this.  SO CUTE!  Even Kadyn has some awesome blonde streaks in her brown hair... so much fun.  We love playing in our pool, and it's great exercise.... you should see the little fishies go!  They are not afraid of the water at all.  Kylie and Kacey spend most of the time underwater.  And Kadyn is almost strong enough to be completely on her own.  She has no fear, jumps in, floats on her back.  We use a small lifevest for her, but I wouldn't be surprised if in another month she's completely free of it and treading and swimming completely on her own.

 And this one is just leftover of Kloey's birthday, such a happy baby.  She's always so pleased and happy.  Is she walking you ask?!?!  No way.  Why would she?  She crawls faster than anything, and at any given time a big sister is ready to give her anything she wants.  I don't think this child will ever walk!

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