Sunday, August 7, 2011

Matthew's Birthday

This is what happens when you live with alot of women, you think crowns and purple shirts are normal! 
Happy Birthday Daddy!
 I found him the biggest and bestest birthdy cake EVER, thank you Mexi Market... a full blown Oreo cake... It was massive, probably 25 pounds.  I had to freeze half, it was AMAZING!

A good year to be Matthew... since his new position with work, in a job he LOVES... he did have to exchange his Ipad for an Iphone (which was the only bad thing about leaving the old position).  The separation of him and the Ipad was painful... However, I found a smoking hot deal on an Ipad with the Ipad 2's new arrival...  so he got an Ipad... he told me the night of his birthday that now having the Ipad back, he feels whole again.  Sadly, he completely meant it.  AND, he also got new golf clubs.  But the golf clubs are a "work necessity."  So that didn't count! :)
As you can see... Kloey and Matthew's birthdays are on different days.  But all we do is swim in the afternoons, so the girls are in their bathing suits yet again in this picture as they were 2 days prior.  HAHAHA, love summertime!

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