Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I did such a good job with all the secrets, but I couldn't keep Kylie's little mouth shut~~~she outted nearly everything bless her little heart!
Extended Version:
So 4 days ago, Kylie's on the phone with Grandpa (Matthew's dad). Kylie proceeds to tell him that Daddy's getting the Wii Game, but not until Tuesday because Tuesday's his birthday. She knew she couldn't tell Daddy, but she didn't know she couldn't tell someone else when Daddy was still in the same room. So, cat out of the bag. We played the Wii all weekend. Side Note: I am freakishly good at Wii bowling. No lie, Matthew cannot beat me. This does not sit well with him :)
Okay, the day's festivities began with breakfast in bed... However, the girls snagged all his marshmellows from the Lucky Charms before we got upstairs. And they wanted all his food so we had to come downstairs at the table to eat. But he woke up to a breakfast tray and us singing Happy Birthday. Truth be told, the record labels aren't knocking down our door.

Grandma (Matthew's mom) flew in today, so that was fun. We did some shopping and ate at Red Robin- where they sang embarrassingly to Matthew. Came home to Matthew's CARS cake/cupcakes. It was all I could do to talk the girls out of getting him a Hannah Montana cake!!! So we all agreed on CARS. I would've loved to see his face though if we got the other one.

Us singing again...

Blowing out the candles... Happy Birthday Dear!

OH, how can I forget the presents?!?! It was a good year this year for him. A new Kennith Cole cologne, a set of Michael Jackson cds, an hour Deep Tissue Massage... and obviously, he got the Wii and sports resort and mario cart (?). He's very happy. I banned video games the first month we were married when he woke up at 2 am one morning to go to the bathroom and never came back. 3 hours later I found him playing video games in our living room. Yeah... no. He's been banned for 7 years now. However, (revenge is sweet), he's got to deal with Kylie begging every 3 seconds to play and Kacey trying to play his turn with him. So it all worked out very nicely.


thepainterfamily said...

haha!! she was just too excited!

Happy Birthday!

The Foulgers said...

Happy Birthday Matt! Wow, he was super spoiled. At least there were still gifts he didn't know about. What is it about boys and video games? I know at my house, it's like nothing else is happening in the world if there is a vidoe game on. I have to totally limit the time that my guys can play!:)

Erin and Marc Dudley said...

I am freakishly good at bowling too! I have held the record in my family for the last 2 years. :)

dadTB said...

Happy Birthday, Matt!

I hope the surprise visit from mom was kept a secret(?). LOL Denny told me that she was planning on going the Vegas to see her oldest son for his birthday... Me thinks someone misses you dearly.

See... I can keep a secret. There's been an awful rumor on the Gormly side of the family to the contrary... Let the truth be told... "My Uncle Tom CAN keep a secret!"

Practice harder on the Wii. No way can you let a girl beat you at any sport game... (pssssssst... Keep handing it to him, Nicole!):-)

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom