Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

Little different style today, we let the girls take a majority of the pictures instead of setting the timer... I think we had too much time this morning :)

You can tell Matthew's nervous in this one because Kacey has the camera.Look at Kylie, we told them to smile... so she's making Kadyn smile.
Okay, I had to take one of all my 3 girls.

This one is for the sake of the haircut- funny story. My girl just had a baby, I didn't want to intrude but I needed a hair cut. So, I went to someone else... she did a good job, she was cautious though. After the whole day went by, there were sections I wanted fixed. So that night, I held them out and Matthew cut. :) He seriously got a little too happy about it, chopping away... but I still think it ended up fine.


Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Such cute outfits for your girls and love the hair cut! Matthew did an amazing job! I cut Chase's hair, but I don't know about him cutting mine! You are so brave, but it ended up adorable!

thepainterfamily said...

I LOVE those little yellow dresses!

Your haircut is awesome! Matthew gets an A+!!

The Foulgers said...

What cute summer dresses. I think your hair looks adorable. I know what it's like when you need a cut, you don't want to wait.

Mikki said...

So cute! Love the dresses! love them. So cute and sunny. And I think your hair looks great!