Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Monday

da da... da da da da...

The weather today was absolutely divine! Right now it's 73... Earlier, I sat out in jeans and a short sleeve shirt and let the girls play, it was lovely.

I love the speed of this camera.

Yes, that's a baby gate on the playground... that way I can be sure Kacey doesn't fall out. Knowing her, she would.

Moo Moos got a workout too! She slept the rest of the afternoon.
Seriously, this camera is up close and personal... I need to shape my eyebrows a little more.

I found them this way the other evening, title it: "a man and his dog." (not great quality, it was still on the "plant" feature... the prior user should have changed it back, new camera rule) Maggie's on my chair by the way, she wasn't moving.
Sunday Pictures, good guy- he had to teach my Sunday School lesson (since I was home with little miss stomach bug) and then he had to teach Elders Quorum.


Sheri said...

Don't you just love the weather. I like that the kids can go out and play. It makes for much happier kids.

thepainterfamily said...

YEah! You're enjoying your new camera! Personally, I've never regretted the camera pays for itself over and over when you record your beautiful children in action! :)

ps...2008 Taxes are done! :) (I thought you'd appreciate that!) yeah!

dadTB said...

70's!!!! It was 11 degrees here this morning with blustery winds and snow drifts... Matt, I need you here to shovel my driveway. Heaven knows my sons won't! LOL!

The pictures look great.

The girls look like they're having a great time outside in the nice fresh air.

Mo Mo... Doesn't she bark, "Woof, Woof"? :-)

Take care... Got a cast on my right arm yesterday. Been 14 days since my surgery.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

mae said...

Your camera takes awesome pictures!! I am so jealous of the wonderful weather! Hope the girls are feeling better!

Mikki said...

Plus, I think he bore his testimony AND gave the opening prayer in Sacrament.

The weather has been just gorgeous lately!!!

The Foulgers said...

I'm super jealous of your great weather! The temps here have been around 60, but there is this terrible chilly wind that makes it feel much colder. I love the baby gate over your slide, that is something I'd totally do!