Saturday, January 10, 2009

***Weekly Round-Up***

Us today baking and decorating cupcakes for a fun Saturday night with friends. Surprisingly, we have 18 cupcakes... I thought we'd have more casualties with the amount of eating we did compared to the amount of decorating.
It's been a while since I did a weekly round-up... big events this week: new beds for the big girls and Kadyn started baby cereal!

This was before we even started, she's already not too thrilled.

Now she gets it!!!Happy Mommy, food's all gone!
Bedtime has become super fun in our house!!! Kacey LOVES her new bed, which is wonderful. She ditched her toddler bed, refused to sleep on it, and would only sleep on the floor. Matthew and I figured it was time for a new bed.

This is Kylie's new bed, she loves it so much she's gone back to napping. Well, she doesn't fall asleep... but when Kacey goes down for her nap, Kylie goes in her room, under her covers and watches a movie.

We do naptime the right way... tea and cookies by our bed (although the tea is really water and our tea set is really a combination of 3 different tea sets) but it's FUN!

This is what Matthew and Kadyn were doing during Kacey and Kylie's naptime. They're all asleep, I should make a run for it!!!Here are some other cute pictures from this week :)

We got a bumbo for Kadyn... Kacey loves it!

This one cracks me up!

Happy Taxes season!!!

I am seriously debating starting a finances blog to share all my pearls, so to speak. We'll see, it's all I can do to keep this blog current much less start a new one. :)


Steve said...

For the record, and for all the readers of your blog, those cupcakes were delicious. Glad to see the behind the scenes action was fun:)

dadTB said...

How cute are those pictures!?

It's always nice when the kids love to nap in the afternoon. When I was home over the summer months, the boys and I would go take a nap. I would have to 'fake sleep' in order to get our youngest asleep. The two oldest were out like lights. Then I would slip off and do some laundry or housework while I could get it done in peace and quiet. Mom always appreciated happy kids and housework done when she returned home from work later in the afternoon... A Happy Wife makes for a Happy Life!

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

The Foulgers said...

I love the pictures of Kadyn eating. They never like the food the first time. That is nice Kylie will have quiet time, you gotta love that!