Monday, January 5, 2009


Kylie had her first ballet/tap class today! I think we label her as "athletic," because she loves to run fast and play against the boys... I didn't want her to miss out on something just because that's what Matthew and I think she is... so we figured we'd try ballet for something different. And if she didn't like it, her ballet and tap shoes would definitely get good use with my younger girls.
She loved it!!!!! She had so much fun and can't wait for next week's class!!!

She was so excited not only for the pretty outfits and fun shoes, but also because her good buddy Riley was in her class.

The best part for me was Kacey being able to play with Riley's little sister Chloe. Kacey and Chloe shared snacks and toys, and made life much eaiser for me and Missy- the hour flew by!!! (bummer, I should have gotten a picture of the babies too!!!)


thepainterfamily said...

she is what you call a natural at everything! :) how cute!

loved catching up on the ARE the best wife ever...that bowl game looked awesome (despite the loss!)

Shanna and Regan said...

She looks so cute in her ballet outfit! I would love to have a girl to do that with!!!

I was always the sporty type girl would probably end up playing sports...hahaha!

Mikki said...

I LOVE that picture of her and Riley bent over the bar. So cute. You should totally blow that one up and frame it. So cute!!

I can't believe I never got Ashley into a ballet class. I think she would have loved it. Maybe there's still time.

The Foulgers said...

How fun that you are getting to do this with the Mecham fam. She looks adorable in her ballet outfit.