Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rose Bowl Pictures

A little late, but here are Matthew's pictures from the Rose Bowl on Thursday. As he was pulling in to park, he called me informing me how awesome it was to be there and how I was "the best wife ever!" Needless to say, I think I dug myself in a hole because now he'd like to go every year!
I have no clue what pictures to post (I've got 60+ to choose from) and not sure what exactly to comment on since I wasn't there and didn't watch the game, I do know that they got clobbered.... but here are the pictures I liked.

He did say one of the neat things was if he wanted to he could just walk onto the field-- not that he was allowed to or had a wish to go to jail, but the stadium was set up that way that it was all just "right there." He said that was really cool.


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

L♥ve the pictures :) Just wanted to remind you the Happy New Year offer ends Mon. Jan. 5th at noon for the free 8x10 print. Spread the word for people to post and e-mail David Bowman by then :) Have a beautiful Sunday! ♥ Hugs! Shauna

The Foulgers said...

It looks like he had a great trip, other than that his team was clobbered.:)

dadTB said...

You're so lucky, Matt!

Can you spell J.e.a.l.o.u.s.y?

Although PSU lost to a superior team, just being there would have been thrilling.

Uncle Tom