Friday, January 30, 2009


My husband has coined the phrase, which he thinks should spread through the church like wildfire: MAN*richment. I think the next EQ activity, excuse me, man*richment is going to be playing video games.
ANYWAYS, I have a new definition of man*richment. It's the husbandly help to his wife's enrichment stuff. Look at him go....
Don't you love the line up all around him, like he's proud and showing them off!?!
I guess technically it's not enrichment stuff, sadly they are centerpieces for a funeral luncheon tomorrow. Brother Coleman use to be a basketball coach, so this was a sweet idea... not my idea (I can't take the credit), but I offered to help. And I would've done it, but I would have gotten dirty. And that's just not my style, especially when I have a husband to do that kind of stuff. So thank you dear! :)


Mikki said...

What a good hubby. I don't know what I'd do without mine. :o)

Steve said...

Sorry Matt, you've got some blackmail photos here, it looks like...

I do personally think that Manrichment is going to become a new amazing Mormon fad, however. Copyright it, throw it on a shirt, and watch them Benjamins start rolling in!

The Foulgers said...

That is such a neat idea for a great man. I also think that man-richment may catch on. What a good hubby to do your work for you!:)

dadTB said...

As a man, I think that Matt used his man-imagination in this project. And since this was a project for a beloved friend and ex-basketball coach, a game that Matt loved and excelled in, I believe, as a all-American man, that this project stands up to all codes written on his 'Man Card'!

Great idea and a sign of love, man-style.

Whoever said that a Boyd wasn't imaginative? Sure wasn't me... LOL.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

p.s. Denny and Judy would be proud of their eldest son as his aunt and uncle are, for sure! :-)