Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I couldn't decide on 5, so we went for 6 this week:

1. Kindess of a Child, in her own special way.... To preface: when I shower in the morning, I put Kylie and Kacey in Kacey's room to play. I put the gate up to keep Kacey in there and safe and Kylie can come and go as she pleases because she can climb over it. Yesterday, I shut my shower water and I hear the vacuum on (?) I immediately think something happened and Kylie's trying to cover up. I don't hear anyone crying (good sign). I walk out and Kylie's vacuuming the steps. Super sweet, I totally didn't even ask her to. She went into the spare bedroom, into the bathroom, into the closet, pulled out the right vacuum- there are a few to choose from, set it all up, plugged it in... all by herself... and she proceeded to vacuum and totally put it all away all by herself. And when she was done she asked me if that made me happy. Of course it did, so I made a big deal about it and felt badly that I assumed the worst. -- Story's not over--- an hour later, she's been on her best behavior and I think I've got the best kid ever and she goes, "Mom, I'm sorry I broke the bench." Then her face must have reacted to my face as I saw her face say something along the lines of, "oh crap, she still doesn't know." As I rush into Kacey's bedroom, and the little white Amish bench she had was in a few pieces. Hmmm, she said she was sorry although she blames her sister. Too late to get too bad, I think wood glue will fix it.... it was a cute little story although now I know to trust my Mom's instincts!

2. It's mine again- I'll preface again, having a baby is wonderful and I'm grateful for all 3 of my little ladies. However, it's so nice to just be me again. And I'm not referring to baby weight at all. From the moment of pregnancy to quiet a while after the baby is born, you feel different. Like you've subletted your body and someone else is living in it. It just doesn't feel right or the same, I now feel the same... my body is mine again and that's awesome!

3. Safety and Security- we've had too many "incidents" lately with crime in some surrounding areas. And it really doesn't matter where you live, crime is everywhere- that's how Matthew stays in business and he'll vouch that it's everywhere. Especially when the economy is down, unemployment is high... crime rate increases. But I'm thankful because I do feel safe and secure regardless of what's going on around me.

4. Husbandly help- one time this week, I was out for a while. And Matthew ended up doing all the laundry (I mean like folding it and putting it away too), unloaded the dishwasher, put the girls to bed, spoonfed the baby and gave her a bottle and put her to bed... now here's the kicker, he did all this WITHOUT being asked. I never even said anything, it was awesome and I didn't expect it. And while all you ladies understand, I'll spell it out to anyone else who might not be married, I'm making a huge deal about it so maybe he'll do it again! :) ---The funniest part was that when I talked to my mom the next day, she said that Matthew called her like 4 times: "can white tights go in the dryer?" or "do i mix the rice cereal with formula, and how much?" :)

5. Kacey's Anticipation for Goofy's Kitchen- our next disneyland trip is coming up again and this time we decided to go to Goofy's Kitchen. The last time we went Kacey was Kadyn's age, so we figured it was time... so Kacey's doesn't even remember it and she hasn't even seen pictures, but I think she's put 2 and 2 together and realized that all her favorite characters are going to be there and there's going to be food. Every morning, she asks if we are going today. Every night, she asks if we are going tomorrow. It's really cute. I can't wait to see her face when we're there. She LOVES Goofy and his son Max.

6. Maggie had a bad case of the runs, w/o being graphic, it was not pretty. But a quick trip to the Vet, $150 bucks later, and she's better. I'm thankful for that and my carpet is thankful for that!


The Foulgers said...

I love your "Thankful Thursday" posts. I think you do need to make a big deal when the hubby helps out. It makes them feel appreciated and makes them want to continue helping!:) I love the story of Kylie, she really is precious and even though the bench was broken she really tried to do her best, what a cutie!:)

thepainterfamily said...

Everytime I walk into my kids (DISASTER) rooms...I think about your girls and how they are such good helpers around the house!

I think I'd like to ship mine over to you for a little training session! although, it sounds like some of this might just be your girls very good natures! oh the blessing! :)

Mikki said...

So cute, that first one. Yeah, mothers instincts are always right. But they're so sweet when they're trying to repent. sweet, sweet sweet!