Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Sunday Before Christmas

and all through the house
not a present was wrapped
not even a ....
well you get the drift, it's gonna be a busy week!
(or there's gonna be one heck of a late night, I'm sure you can guess which night)

(kacey was looking at me over on the side)
Too bad we hide the Christmas tree in this one, we should have went by the 9 footer.

I love the ones of Daddy and the girls!

Before he left this morning for meetings, I heard him say as he was walking into our closet, "Now what color are we wearing today?" I'm scarring everyone I'm sure! :) I tried to do green, but none of my Christmas dresses are green in Kacey's size. I have nearly 2 dozen Christmas dresses (I am not exaggerating, that's what happens when you have all girls) all ranging in sizes from 3 months to little girls 7/8, not one was green in Kacey's size range. What can you do!?

Kacey took this picture. She did good!

I like that one because of Kadyn... Kylie took this picture.


Missy said...

Ha Ha. That is funny we posted the same. Darren and I had Luke take one of the two of us and I commented on how Darren blocks the whole tree. It was a bad one of me so it didn't make it to the blog.
You guys look great as usual!

The Foulgers said...

Cute pictures. I am shocked that Kasey is dressed differently. Hopefully she wasn't concerned about it. I think it will be a busy week for all us mommies, good luck getting it all done!

Baker Bunch said...

Love your sunday pictures!!