Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Magical Forest

Last night, we went to the Magical Forest. This was our first year going, it's definitely going to be a yearly tradition! We were in the car ride going home and Kylie goes, "that was so much fun!"
Are you in there Santa?
Since when did we become a big family, I look at this and I'm like WOW. We're a party of 5, I know it seems obvious but still.
On the train.On the carousel.

Story time by a Princess.

Sweet baby.

What is so funny about this picture is that this is on the drive to get there, not even the drive home!


The Foulgers said...

What a fun place. I'm so sad that we never went there while we lived in Vegas. I love your family Santa picture, so cute!

Sheri said...

Hey that looks like the same snowman costime I dressed up when I volunteered their. Glad frosty is still going strong.

Kaylan said...

The girls look so happy! I am so glad you got to start a new family tradition! I think the picture of the girls passed out in their carseats before they even got to the park was hilarious! Kadyn is getting to be such a big girl holding her bottle! Way to go!

Nicole said...

Isn't it so much fun there? It looks like you guys had a fun. We are making it a family tradition as well. The picture of you guys and santa is so cute.