Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This Past Weekend

This past weekend we had a visit from Matthew's family~ Grandma, Uncle Bryan and Aunt Rosie, and Uncle Aaron... the girls LOVED all the extra attention! Matthew and I enjoyed the relief of a few extra helping hands... sorry to see you all go, we had fun!!!
Everyone going for a walk Friday morning, while Daddy was at work and I was at a doctor's appt. (fyi: ultrasound next appt to determine c-section or not)

We went to Peter Piper Pizza later that day, you'd like to think it was for the girls... but all of Matthew's brothers are little kids at heart so everyone had a blast! Although Kacey got stuck at the top of the toyland, she wasn't frantic but she wasn't coming down either... luckily Aunt Rosie was able to go up and rescue her :)


They love their Uncle Bryan :)
I posted almost the same picture 3 times, so I could get everyone in it... This one has Aunt Rosie and Uncle Aaron...

This one has Grandma...

Sunday Morning Pictures

(we tell Kacey to look up and smile, but Kylie ends up thinking we're telling her)


jenjamin said...

When you live far away from family, those visits from out of town guest are so much fun!

Mikki said...

Love it when family comes. I'm always so sad when my mom and dad go home. Sweet pictures. Looks like you had a great visit.