Monday, August 25, 2008

Off They Go...

Matthew has only asked me about 1,000 times if he and Kylie could leave the night before I'd scheduled for their Disneyland trip- which essentially means I'd go one full day w/o seeing Kylie- finally today I caved. This way they're nice and rested and can go straight into the park at 9 am on both days. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the first day in Kylie's whole life that we haven't seen eachother... I know it sounds like it's not a big deal, but I am truly heartbroken. It's just one more step of her growing up that I'm not ready for, although she is... which kinda makes me feel better but I was still crying as they left. Kylie's so cute, Matthew walked in after his class tonight and Kylie told him that I was sad and I was crying because she was leaving for Disneyland. So Matthew asks me how long it would take me to pack up for Kacey and I to go too (which just really isn't feasible for me and it's nice for them to have daddy/daughter time... I keep telling myself) ... Kylie was getting furious, "No no, Kacey can't come, no Mommy... no just me and you Daddy!!!"

How happy does she look?!!??

So off they go to Disneyland, they'll be back in 2 days. Let's just hope I don't go into labor, which I never have all by myself. I've always been induced, but I've got my folks here. My mom, in case Matthew can't get back in time, to be with me at the hospital. And my dad on Kacey duty... which would be hilarious because I think the last diaper he changed was mine. And he has a problem with telling my girls "no." I can just see Kacey waking up in the middle of the night not wanting to sleep and him and her having a little party. Fingers crossed we don't come to that and the 2 days fly by.


thepainterfamily said...

ahhh, you're cute. They are going to have such a great time! But I am sure they will BOTH start to miss ya by then end of their trip!

dadTB said...

Kacey's ready... Mommy's not!

I hope they have a wonderful time together and she can come home to tell you all about her trip with daddy and just how much she missed you and her little sister.

Growing up and maturing is a wonderful thing... when it happens!

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom