Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday & Sunday

I bought Kylie a little play money set. She already knows all her coins- the girls milk my parents for all their change everytime they come over to our house. And my dad happily empties his pockets as long as they correctly name each coin. (He did the same thing with me, amazing how keeping it is great incentive to learn!) There is a house minimum of 10 coins per girl (my girls are demanding) and if you don't have the 20 to pass around, their tempers go flaring! :) Kacey's right about half the time too when identifying her coins- obviously the penny is the easiest, and dimes are called "diamonds"... the nickels and quarters cause Kacey some problems. But Kylie's got it down! So, I got Kylie this play money set so she could not only practice coins, but also learn dollars. She learned fast.... (Papa time for the big bucks please) This is SOOO my girl, it kept her content for an hour! Sunday Morning prior to church.
Sunday morning family picture.
Love this one, "Where's the baby?" (just a few weeks left)


jamieBEE said...

SO CUTE!!! My uncle would play the money game with us and it was Garth's big test the first time he met him. (The pressure was on!)
I LOVE your tradition of taking pictures every sunday morning! It will be amazing to look back and see how quick your adorable girls are growing! and your adorable belly ;)

Erin & Marc Dudley said...

A few weeks left?! You look FANTASTIC!

thepainterfamily said...

What an adorable picture! your girlies are just so sweet! Can't wait for there to be 3!! :) You look amazing! :)

Jill said...

I love when your girls are in matching outfits. So adorable. Your tummy looks so cute, too!

Kaylan said...

I better look that good in 5 1/2 more months! Sheesh! You have the smallest calves and ankles and you are about to deliver in a few weeks?! And it's summer! You go girl! How can you still be wearing pointy shoes? I can't even wear them under normal circumstances. You look great sweetie!