Thursday, July 31, 2008

Family Inaugural Swim

Today was the day... I called Matthew and said Mr. Pool Man gave us the go-ahead. Matthew was golfing, so I told him too bad and that we were going in. Hehe... we waited, he was home within the hour.

Us waiting

The first few steps in... at first you think it's a little cold, but after a few seconds, it couldn't be more PERFECT!



And just plain fun!

If you can't find us, or don't hear from me in a while... you know where to look!


Mikki said...

Lucky girl!!!
Congratulations. Looks totally refreshing.

The Foulgers said...

You are so good to wait. I can imagine that hour felt like an eternity, especially for the girls! I am jealous!

jenjamin said...

When it is as hot as it is where you and I live there is no other way to live except in the water. Looks fun!

dadTB said...

Looks nice and refreshing in that desert sun!

Although they aren't cheap, I find that our pool was a great investment overall.

There are many days that I just escape to the pool for time away and some exercise.

I usually bring the boom box outside, lay around in the pool, and in the evening, listen to The John Tesch Show to relax.

Looks like a ton of fun! The girls are so cute in their bathing suits and pfds!

Do you have any lights? If not, you can buy floating lights that are really neat and add a cool look in at night.

Have fun!

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Adam and Samantha said...

That looks soooo nice and cool. Lucky you! I bet your girls are going to love it too!

Shanna and Regan said...

Hi Nicole! That looks so fun! I bet you guys love it! Especially in that Nevada heat!
You were wondering when we moved from Herriman, we left there in Dec. of 2006 and lived in South Jordan until we just moved to Iowa. So that is the scoop on us!

anna banana said...

Congrats on the pool that will be so great to cool off in!