Monday, October 1, 2007

A Big Girl's Bike

Kylie got a new Princesses Bike this weekend... BIG HIT! She got a matching helmet and pads... that she won't take off even when she goes in the house. She doesn't quite understand that she has to continually pedal, she does it for a bit and stops thinking the bike will keep going.

That's Maggie putting her curious little nose into everything. Maggie wanted Kylie's knee pad.

And, we couldn't leave out Baby Kacey... I'm not sure what she's reaching out too. I think Maggie was over there.

(How crazy windy was it Saturday??? Wow!)


Kata said...

Well have to take the kids bikes to Aviary park- there is some good places for them to just ride!

Missy said...

Yeah, that's where Luke learned to ride his. She looks cute!

Briana said...

You write very well.