Friday, September 28, 2007

Flashback Friday

Since we're planning another trip to Disneyland before Thanksgiving, I thought I'd post a few pictures from our trip back in March of 2006. The heated pool, which was still freezing :) Matthew was crazy and going off the waterslides. Not to toot my own horn, but I was so sick (and pregnant with Kacey) and I don't look too terribly "green" in this picture.
It hadn't rained in 9 months in Anaheim, and it rained while we were there. It was so cold, but we had the best time!!!
Kylie is getting so excited for the trip. She keeps telling me that her and Daddy are going to ride"The Dumbo," which is her favorite. Since she's really tall, Matthew gets her on practically every ride, including the Matterhorn which freaks me out.


dadTB said...

Dumbo was Zachary's favorite ride, too. In fact, I had taken Chris and Tom on the overhead ride thingy and Aunt Julie took Zach with her to get lunch. They had gone through the food line and were heading outside to sit and wait for us when Zach decided to, what we now call the famous, "Bolt for Dumbo."

Aunt Julie was frantic as you can imagine. She set the food tray down and went running out looking for him. A kind man had found Zach wondering and held him up. Julie spotted him.

Dumbo has a spell over the little ones! :-)

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

the meyer fam said...

OH, we love Disneyland!! We try to go once a year. It's just so magical there, and I just love seeing my kids faces light up when we're there!!

Kata said...

When are you going? I think our plan is the week after TG! And... when are we going to play again?

Boyd Family said...

we are going nov 1st and 2nd with matthew's folks... then we are going back nov 7-10 (back for church of course!) kata, we should have coordinated!!

let's do another game night... when's good?

Sheri said...

Those pictures make me more excited, we are going to go the end of October.Maybe we will see you there.Even in the rain Disneyland is always fun.