Thursday, September 20, 2007


Okay, so a bunch of you know the 'issues' with gymnastics class that a few of us are going through. But I think I'm going to enroll her again for the next session... she's really getting it down and having fun. Mind you, I'm a nervous wreck the whole time because some of the stipulations are a little too much on a 3 year old (yeah, I'm going to be "THAT" mother!) And MY 3 year old likes to do things her way... But I was so proud of her today - learning to wait her turn and listen to directions.

That's Kylie's friend Adam in the white shirt.

Okay, so that balance beam is super high. Notice the teacher is busy with another student, but that doesn't stop my Kylie. All of us mothers were sitting there freaking out when the teacher showed the kids what to do. There's Kylie, did it all by herself, first time, no help, didn't fall!

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dadTB said...

The girl's got spunk that's for sure! Must take after her Great-Uncle Tom... hee hee hee!

Looks like Kylie was caught being good as she sat on her number. Catch 'em being good that's the ticket.

Good balance for a three year old. She looks like a pro going over that balance beam.

It definitely looks like the instructor has her hands full with that many little ones attempting skills.

Go Kylie!

Uncle Tom and Aunt Julie