Friday, December 30, 2011

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland...

One of the absolute greatest things about living in Vegas is that we are 35 minutes away from a completely different climate--- Mt. Charleston!  We can escape our sun and palm trees and dive into a whole new world... although don't get me wrong, the best part is coming home and leaving all that snow behind us!!! :) 
We decided to take the girls on a fun midday snow adventure.  Kadyn has NEVER seen snow, we haven't been since Kacey was Kloey's age...

The girls had a blast, as you can see!
Daddy liked to get in on the fun too!
 Kylie and Kadyn, somehow ended up going backwards!
 They also learned how to make snowballs, and they all ganged up on Daddy.  He didn't stand a chance.

 My sweet Kloey Belle!
 She was definitely slipping and sliding out there.
 Daddy did make sure that Kloey got to ride the sled a few times too.
 Kadyn was so cute running in the snow.  At one point, she was running after Kacey and Kylie on the sled... she was just running in excitement... but her body was going faster than she could handle.  She face-planted head on right in the snow, she didn't cry or anything... it was too funny!  I wish I got a picture of that!

 Fun times had by all!

 Look at that face :)
So by about 2:30, it looked like 5:30 really... we decided to pack up and head back down the mountain... and we were all starving (got our money's worth at CiCi's Pizza afterwards, although I can only imagine how raggidy we looked... hahaha)... So we were heading down the mountain on this horrible 2 lane, acutally really more like 1.5 lane roads.  And the slush was turning back to ice, it was getting dark and colder.  There was an SUV stuck right in the middle.  Traffic couldn't get thru on either side.  I was nervous because even with our all-wheel drive, our tailend was still swaying from side to side on the ice.  Matthew ended up getting out of our car and helping them move their SUV, he's really a smart bad weather driver.  He had them back up and do a sharp turn into where they were going... anyways, it was genious... totally worked.  If he hadn't of gotten out to help, we'd still be sitting there.  He's such a good driver in stuff like that, I sat in the passenger seat just praying with my eyes closed as he drove us past all the cars. 
As we drove off we both agreed... it's so nice to be able to leave the ice and the snow behind us and return to sun and palm trees.

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