Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year, and breathe...

As 2011 ends, I say good riddens!  
I feel like we have had some trials and some struggles that I am quick to say goodbye to.  I've been thinking a lot lately on how we've had these continuous obstacles that we've just been chugging along on what seemed to be an endless road.  Struggles such as schooling for Matthew, a painful work environment for him, health issues with Kloey, selling a house and buying a new one... struggles that we have been praying over, praying for answers and encouragement and praying for strength to just keep going.  But this year has brought them to a happy end, every last one of them have all been resolved.  With the close of 2011, the major burdens and worries we carried on our shoulders are over.  Schooling led to a Bachelors.  New fabulous job came in June.  Kloey is perfect, and all her many many medical bills are paid off.  We signed at title and sold the old house... and we are all moved into the new one.
Dare I say that, but they are over...
Don't get me wrong, I am scared to death to see what may be next.  It seems too nice and too clean for everything this year to magically and precisely end, nicely and smoothly and so perfectly... It may be the pessimist in me that worries something big may be coming, like Matthew being called as Bishop or something crazy like that... but for now, I am so grateful and I'm just going to take it all in and BREATHE.

A quote that I found a few weeks ago and put on the top of our blog, really stands out to me.  I think it's easy to overlook so many blessings that we get, and the more aware we are of our blessings, the more grateful we are to have them, the more we noticed more blessings... it's a circular effect really.  I may put that quote in vinyl to hang in our house somewhere, it's a great reminder to be mindful of all the good that is happening around us.
It's an interesting feeling.  I'm so glad we had these trials and experiences of 2011, because they've helped us grow and placed us in better situations now.  And they brought peace with their outcomes.  They have made us stronger.  However, I'm so glad that they are over, but I'm so glad that we had them too.  Life is better and more appreciated.  Definite growth that wouldn't have come about without them...

Another neat thing to note... Matthew and I will be married a decade this year.  We have gone through so many things together.  Up the rollercoasters of life in anticipation and flying down the rollercoaster- holding hands and screaming.  Good times with a good man, and many more decades... lucky for him, women age well on my side :)  ... (we had a neighbor knock on our door inquiring who built our courtyard, and she asked if my mom was home!!!  I digress.....)

Burdens lifted.
We have been blessed.
Breathing is so much easier and enjoyable now.

Here's to 2012, or how my young women say it Twenty - One - Two!!! 


Mikki said...

I am so with you on 2011 being over. Bring on 2012!

I am just blown away at how big your girls are getting Nicole. Time, it just flies by.

Happy New Year to you and your gorgeous family!!

dadTB said...

2011 certainly was a very trying year all around.

We are so happy that Little Kloey has a clean bill of health. What a blessing!

We have followed Matt as he worked so hard to get where he is today in his career.

He never gave up on his dream to have a college degree and we admire him for his perseverance and dedication to his educational goals.

Deep inside, he knew that he had the ability to succeed and he did.

Happy New Year to The Vegas Boyd Clan! May the Year "Twenty - One - Two" continue to bring health and prosperity to your beautiful family.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom