Saturday, December 24, 2011

My favorite Christmas Season of ALL, part 2

I LOVE Christmas break... we can sleep in and no hurrying people out the door, we can get dressed at 1 pm or just stay in our jammies all day and do whatever... no homework worries (I mean for me too, not having to listen to Kylie complain... haha)... we've been having friends come over to play with us, we've been going over to friends' houses to play.... meeting for group lunches and TAKING OVER places with our 115 out of school wild kiddos.... everyone is just enjoying company and having fun.  I love it!
Kylie is such a big girl, I look at this picture and I'm like "who is that child?!?!"  Oh yeah, she's mine...  it boggles my mind that she's grown up enough to go play in the cul-de-sac with the other kids.  (Emily, one of our favorite babysitters was there too)  Kylie's best buds with Emily's younger sister Isabelle, so they were skating with all the neighborhood kids, Emily took this picture and gave it to me.  So Isabelle let Kylie try her rollerblades... guess who wants rollerblades now?  Haha, Kacey's is thrilled, because she's going to inherit the rollerskates! 
 Disney Day Camp
This was really fancy... a girl in our ward, she loves all things Disney.  Her and her friends put on a whole show filled with skits and games and activities for the kids who want to come.  As you can see, these teenage girls go all out.  My girls were so impressed!  They really thought they were the real princesses.  They had such a blast, and in the car ride home................. silence.  They were so tuckered out after the 3 hour festivities; it was great.
This  next picture was from our Ward Christmas Party.  Notice only Kylie and Kacey were in it... by this time Kadyn and Kloey had retired with Matthew to the car.  This was the most fabulous ward party I have ever been too.  Every minor detail was thought out, I wish I had more pictures.  Besides the trains running everywhere, space for kids to color, write Santa letters and play games.... and besides the massive ham dinner with mormon funeral potatoes and costco rolls... the theme was The Polar Express.  There was a drawing/painting of the front of the train that must have been 10 feet by 10 feet.  Massive.  And at the top, there was a smoke machine so it looked like the train was chugging along.  There were snowflakes amid thin air... and singing programs and poems... and of course, a conducter of the Polar Express.  The YW were dressed special as the hopped around dancing to appropriate tunes, reenacting the hot chocolate scene from the movie and delivering hot chocolate to all the kids.  Then of course, Santa came... with nothing but BELLS for all the children.  By this time (4 hours later), the younger two were so exhausted from the food and activities.  They had to go out to the car with Christmas cupcakes... so we stood in line for Santa.  And let me tell you, this Santa knew the girls names.... oh no, he does not know my girls.  I know this for a fact... he's a husband to a lady etc etc etc.  But anyways, even people that know us forget which one is which, they know they are all K names but it's hard to keep up with it.  I inquired... they had him memorize a photo book with all the Primary children's names in it.  So he could acknowledge each and every child right as they sat on his lap.  You could have pushed me down with a feather when he said "Well hello there Kylie and Kacey."  I can't believe someone would go to such great lengths to make a little kid have a good night, we have a lot of kids in our ward!  I left with such a positive feeling and I know for the girls it made a long lasting impression.  Such an amazing night! 
We took the girls to the Drive In to see The Chipmunks, Chipwrecked!
Super fun, we got McDonalds beforehand.  Kloey ate 5 nuggets, FIVE!  We all snuggled in our coats and sweatshirts, with our blankets and our candy and hot chocolate.  We played musical chairs the whole time; it was hilarious.  It was SO cold outside, but somehow all the hot air in our car kept us toasty.  In fact, Matthew opened the car windows a few times! hahaha 
 Big screen, great view right up front and center.
Disney commericial prior to the movie...
 As you can see, he's the most excited to go see Alvin & the Chipmunks!
 This is them prior to our comfy drive in seating arrangements... in fact, this is prior to food also... you can see the lack of excitement on Kacey... envision her saying, "I'm hungry...."  She ate through the whole movie, every candy and french fry, every last drip of coca cola... we were just praying she wouldn't say, "I've gotta go potty!"
 Aren't we cute!?!?!? :)
*** More fun times to come later***

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dadTB said...

Great Holiday Pics, guys! The girls all looked so cute... What a Christmas Season to remember!

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom are so jealous that you have a "Drive In" theater. Our "Drive Ins" went bye-bye out here in Pennsylvania quite a few years ago... We miss them.

Love you all,
Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom