Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My favorite Christmas Season of ALL, part 1

Dare I say that this has been my most favorite Christmas season of all! 
This year I think has been the best... I'm not sure if it's because the girls are older so there's alot of fun and anticipation radiating off of them that makes it more exciting for all of us... or maybe if the Christmas Spirit is just stronger in our house more than before because we adjusted ourselves with less focus on gifts this year and more focus on family and doing fun stuff together.  But this whole month has been fabulous... and it's not even Christmas yet and we still have more fun stuff in store for this month!!!
So here are some random pictures taken in the past few weeks, I'm not sure if they are even in chronological order... but... the girls got to go to the Air Show at Nellis Air Force Base.  A friend in on ward is a Colonel, and he was able to take a group with him on for the family/friends showing.  The girls had a blast, Matthew took nearly 150 pictures of all the neat planes and their tricks in the sky.  As you can tell, it was cold!!!! 

 This is a quick one of the extended fam on Thanksgiving!  Which was of course followed by us (minus Yaya, Papa, and Kloey) going to see Arthur Christmas, which was SUCH a cute movie.  Kadyn's remarks were so funny through that movie, made Matthew and my whole day!!!!
 Thanksgiving Morning's CVS Couponing Excursion!  I got all this at a profit of $95.  My receipt was taller than my cashier.  It was magnificent!!!!!!!
 Getting our Christmas decorations up!!!  I'm so bad, I pretended to be busy the whole entire time so I didn't have to do any real work.  Haha, Matthew put up 3 trees... Although I did do my full Willow Tree Nativity, mainly because I don't trust anyone else to do it...
 And we had a wonderful visit from Uncle Aaron and Aunt Valerie.  My girls love them so much!  Aaron has always been a regular visitor, because when he was in BYU it was easiest for him to just come to us... so the girls are used to seeing him alot.  And Val is from Vegas, so we get to see them whenever they come home which is such a treat for us.  My girls ADORE Val, she's so good with them and she let's them climb all over her and play with her hair... you'd never know she just met them 2 years ago.  It's like she's been with us all along!
 AND THEN WE WENT TO DISNEYLAND!  We wanted to do Disney Annual Passes this year, but it just wouldn't work for us.  So we anticipate doing them next Fall, but we still had to do our traditional December trip to Disneyland.  We love it; it was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing cold but absolutely incredible!  Notice Matthew's goofball CARS hat.  He loves it, NO ONE else has it.  They don't sell it anymore, we get comments all the time.  He's such a big kid at heart.
 Jake, from the Neverland Pirates... Kadyn was smitten by him.  All the girls hugged him, and we moved along.  Kadyn wouldn't let go.  She just stayed there, and Jake made these hand motions like "Go on, I'll just keep her here." 
It was so cute.
 Family Santa Shot
(Do you see my husband in shorts and a tshirt?  I told him no shorts, I wasn't packing shorts... he snuck them in the suitcase! And even though it was 45 degrees, he wore them)
 Kloey Belle!  She was such a trooper at Disney.  Maybe we've conditioned her to be so... she ate whatever, she slept whenever, she played with whatever.  She is my perfect child, such a easy little thing.  At night, I'd take Kadyn and Kloey back for baths... They'd lay on Papa and fall asleep in the hotel... Daddy, Kylie, and Kacey partied it up in the park still.  Yaya and I would eat all the yummy munchies we bought that day... it was great fun! **this was Kylie's sweatshirt from '06!
 Now, we go to Kadyn's Preschool Christmas Program.  This is my 5th Preschool Program, and it was probably my favorite.  Kadyn was quite the little diligent performer.  She knew the words and the hand motions in her songs, and she had a speaking part and totally knew it---  better than her sisters at that age.
 Kadyn putting her "S" on the tree: "S is for the star, that shined so bright above."  ... which was her part.  And of course, this is my best friend Tate!  She does such a good job with her preschool kids.
 Sweet Girl
 AND we start the Gingerbread house making!  This is me, busting out my glue gun for GUARANTEED Gingerbread house stability and success.
 Matthew got a little possessive over Kadyn and Kacey's Gingerbread house.  HAHA!  But they just wanted to decorate it with the candy anyways.

 Kylie's Gingerbread House, she's such a diva.
 Kacey and Kadyn's house... what is Kacey doing?  As you can see, Mattthew is still very focused.
 We have to do some "winterizing" of pipes and stuff outside.  When I saw him, I had to stop him and grab a picture... it is so cold here!!!
 A real special treat .... my 90 year old grandmother, Oma, she makes these special German cookies.  I remember them from Christmastime when I was little.  She'd spend days making them, and she'd pack them up in tupperware in her suitcases when she'd take the train to come up and visit us.  It was always special when she'd open her suitcase and take out all the boxes of goodies.  So, my 90 year old Oma, spent days making her cookies... and specially wrapped them and spent $40 shipping them to us.  THE GIRLS WERE IN HEAVEN!  They got home from school and knew exactly what it was and they dug right into the yumminess!
*Kylie does not wear glasses, the glass is poked out... she has 2 pairs that she wears as "accessories" to certain outfits... don't ask!  all in the name of fashion... but her teacher is cool with it, so whatever.....
 St. Nicholas Day... we put our shoes out one night, and we got a special treat the next morning!!!
 And here's some more disneyland....

 Daddy with Kacey, Papa with Kadyn, and Kylie was FREE all by herself.  That was a first for her I think, and she thought she was all that!!!

 OH, and I forgot... Matthew, uhhhhh, I mean Kacey and Kadyn's Gingerbread house!!!
A part 2, to follow shortly... still more December happenings to account!  Including (so I don't forget...)
- The ward Christmas Party, the best, most elaborate Christmas party I've ever been too!
- My birthday
- Skating
- Disney Day Camp
- The Drive In Movies
- Christmas Eve
- Christmas Day
.... etc etc....


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how wonderful! love this post.

and the new quote at the top is fabulous, i'm gonna remember it for a long time!

The High Family- said...

Such fun memories! You guys do such fun things together. You look fabulous btw!