Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The First Day of School

We started at our new school on Monday.  Kylie and Kacey now go to Goynes, and they are GLADIATORS!  kinda cool...
Kylie is in the 2nd grade, with Ms. Gaura.  Here's a quick pic on our front porch, bookbag and lunch bag included.
 Just sweet little her...
 SO, Kylie's drop off was at 7:50 am... school starts at 8 am.  THEN we do round 2 with Kacey.  Kacey is in PM Kindergarten with Ms. Rennie. 
(No, they aren't wearing the same first day of school outfits... and boy did I catch some grief over it.  Everyone asks if my girls dislike dressing the same.  ON THE CONTRARY, when they don't have the same clothes, I hear about it.  I just won her the exact same dress from ebay so she'll be elated!)

Here she is outside of her school.
 Oh yeah, she's gone... Matthew and I were just slowing her down-- lugging all her school supplies.

 Quick one in the classroom...
 It was rough.  I'm not gonna lie.  When Kylie was in kindergarten, they let the parents come in... sing a song, stay for a bit.  Not so much this time.
Let me tell you, my house is silent from 11:45 am to 2 pm.  Kloey goes down for her nap.  Kadyn just looks at me like, "what do we do?!?"
After the first few days, I really like our new patterns.  This school is an hour earlier than our old one.  So Kylie is on Matthew's schedule, and we are all able to have 30 minutes together for breakfast in the morning (Kylie and Matthew fully dressed, the rest of us in our jammies).  It has been great.  Then Matthew takes Kylie to school.  Which relieves me and my taxi-cab driving mommy kind of life. 

But they get out an hour earlier also, which is great.  Kylie walks from her classroom to Kacey's class (other side of the world practically) and picks up Kacey and we have a "meeting point."  (which is super far away, this school is packed with kids and parents)  I saw them coming today from my car (I got there about 25 minutes early to get the best parking spot), they were holding hands and talking as they were walking through the grass... so precious.  They both had smarties candies, and I asked where they got them.  Kylie worked extra hard to earn 2 candies today, and so when she picked Kacey up, she was able to give Kacey one.  I love stuff like that.  As they go to school and are away from me more and more, I realize  that the best thing I can do to help them grow up is make it so they find comfort and love with eachother and I need to do everything I can to encourage those strong sister bonds.  It's an awesome feeling to see that come though- even just the walking, sharing candy, and holding hands through the grass!


Missy said...

What cuties!
And, I love the shirt you have on there!

Russell Family said...

So sweet!! I'm glad Goynes is working out, but we miss you in our ward!

Jared and Kari said...

Ummm, girl that is NOT the same wedding ring that you got when Matt proposed!! Did you get an upgrade?!? Do tell!

Kaylan said...

I think it is mean that Matthew took your picture when you were crying! Ugh! Men! I know Haley and Kori are pretty close so I hope that continues through out their school years. Kari will have that with her girls being so close too! Kids need to know how special it is to have a sibling and that they need to look out for each other. I worry about Haley starting school next year...I will be balling me eyes out and Zac will be making fun of me :(