Monday, December 27, 2010

December Summary

I just keep getting further behind in posting, so let's take a quick run through the month so I won't be that much more behind! :)
Kacey had her Christmas Preschool Program.  She looks so sweet and shy, well-behaved... trust me people-- she's not!
Then came my birthday!  With a girls' night to:
and yummy dinner at:
Where my husband surprised my girls night with the girls' husbands- a triple date night- and we had a mini celebration with fabulous food and decadent dessert!
My girlies!!!  With our matching scarves :)  I love these girls.  They truly know me inside and out, know my quirks, know what bugs me... loves me for everything that makes me ME!  I'm so lucky to have such awesome, fun friends.
And my dear friend Kaylan sent BEAUTIFUL roses, candy, a card and some fun spending money for my big 29+1 birthday!  (i will not say 30).  Kaylan the flowers were beautiful.  In fact Matthew's comment was (direct quote), "Come on Kaylan, you're making me look bad!"  I love and miss you Kaylan, you are one of a kind and I'm so grateful to have you as a friend for life!!!  No matter how far away you are, one conversation brings us back to as if we've had no time apart.
My birthday present, was some fabulous home decor from Rod Works.  Bless my husband's sweet heart... don't buy me something, I don't want to pretend to like it.  I want to go out, I want to shop, I want to find it on my own.  I've had like 4 different Mommy nights out over a short while. :)  Eating, spending money, having a great time just relaxing and not being Mommy for a few hours.  He knows what works, happy wife happy life. 
Although we went out, had a fabulous lunch at Red Lobster... (can you tell all I've done lately is EAT?!?!?)  We did a bunch of running around and shopping, childless (thank you Yaya)... we actually got to hold hands as we went about our afternoon.  Go figure!!!  It's amazing how little we hold hands- given the phase of life we are in, usually we are holding little ones' hands... making sure know one runs in the street, making sure every little person is accounted for.  It was nice to just go out- him and me.  Still love you Matthew :)
And I've discovered a new love.... I'm not sure where these have been all my life... pomegrantes!  WOW!  Love them.  I love delving into the nooks and crannies and pulling out every last juicy, delicious kernal of bitter yumminess!  These are huge, home-grown, and super healthy for you.  It takes me an hour to eat one!  And my hands get all wet and sticky... they're slightly stained too.  Love it!!!
We received Matthew's transcripts in the mail today.  I'm not sure I mentioned this on the blog, but he's offically graduated from the University of Phoenix "With Honors" with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management.
I'm not sure which degree was more difficult for ME to endure, mine from BYU where I did the work... or HIS where I didn't have to do the work.  Two weeks after Kacey was born, he decided to go back to school to finish his degree.  He had little to nothing transfer from previous credits.  He's trudged along, slowly but surely starting from nothing... endless late nights of class, with crappy teachers that he felt he was smarter than ****funny story--- he ended up, through the grapevine of life and business canals, being sent a resume of one of his former teachers!  Haha, Matthew didn't even give him an interview.  Anyways, he's trudged through so many papers, so many loser fellow students he had to put up with in group work... many times re-doing their work so he'd get a better grade... 4 years later... 4 loooong years later, 2 more kids later, a highly busy church calling, a tired wife... and HE DID IT!  Finally, he did it.  Although I do feel like my enduring makes me deserving of part of it!  So I guess I now have 1.5 degrees.  LOL.  Super proud of his accomplishments.  He graduated with honors, getting all A's  and one C... his last class, it was a joke!!!  Seriously the topic (it was to fill a general elective), a complete joke.  So we just ignore that one. :)
I will get to the Christmas pictures next!


The Foulgers said...

Happy late birthday to you! I LOVE Rod Works, it's one of my favorite places to shop. I was so excited when I heard Vegas was getting one!
Congrats to Matt and you on his graduation, that is such an amazing accomplishment!

thepainterfamily said...

happy birthday! What a wonderful way to celebrate, it looked like so much fun!!

Congrats to you two (haha) on that degree! :)

dadTB said...

My head is spinning.... You had a terribly busy December!

Congratulations to Matt for finishing his degree. we are super proud of him and know that it has been a long road for the two of you.

Happy birthday to another December baby!

Kacey looks so cute!

Love you all and miss you!
Love Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom