Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

What a lovely Mother's Day!
Beautiful flowers and a corsage to wear at church from my husband. 
I also have a dress coming in the mail, from a company that I just adore.  Their style tends to be more 40's, which I absolutely love.  A more modest style with delicate-pretty detailing, and soft accents that are just gorgeous... However, of course all that spells expensive :)  But my new dress (non-maternity) is on it's way too!  So I'm excited about that.  We have a celebratory lunch tomorrow at Famous Dave's, and we're planning on Outback for dinner very soon (just waiting for my Mom to get back into town so we can all go.)  Can't wait! :)
Matthew's also desperately trying to take me away for a long weekend, which I do admire his efforts and I'm sure it would be fun... I'm just a chicken and will miss my girls too much.  He's hopeful that he has something in the works that I'll do, but we'll see. 
Great cards!
And the neat thing is that Kylie and Kacey have school and preschool where they make these neat little projects to surprise me with :)
Love it!  I love how happy they are to finally give it to me- like it's been this huge surprise they've been holding in for weeks and they are just going to burst.
The look of excitement on their little faces as they give me their gifts is completely priceless!
So for real, here is the last picture you will see of me pregnant.  I had a request from my cousin Lisa and I love her, so just for you Lisa!  And minor celebration as this is my LAST Mother's Day that I'll ever, ever, EVER be pregnant.  So we'll honor it with a photo.  I'm nearly 7 months... sporting my lilac non-maternity dress-- honestly, just praying that the zipper didn't bust as I was sitting through church. :)
Notice Kadyn's bowl and spoon of cereal, she wouldn't let go of it.  I mean WOULD NOT put it down.  So, here she is in our special Mother's Day pictures with her breakfast bowl :)
Suffering through some stomach pain right now, not sure why, maybe the peanut butter m&m's I ate at 7:30 this morning... but hoping it goes away.  Not quite sure what it is, it's continuous so I'm not as concerned as I would be if it were intervals of pain.  It seems to be settling, so I think I'm going to spend the rest of Mother's Day lying on the couch with a Cherry Coke Zero :)

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thepainterfamily said...

What a wonderful day!

(i love the pictures above too!)

and seriously Nicole, you are so beautiful, and pregnancy looks GOOD on you! :)