Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Morning Pictures and Strawberry Freezer Jam

9 AM Church, and we still managed pictures! 
Although Kadyn was difficult about being in a group picture...
She preferred to be the lone model :)
Okay, last week Kylie and I made Strawberry Freezer Jam... which was delightful!  Kylie is such a huge help, sometimes Kacey gets moody and territorial... but she was playing at a friend's house so Kylie and I tackled the strawberries...
Seriously, the strawberries were enormous...
Kylie hard at work...
It's a plastic knife, no worries. 
Kylie really amazes me at this stage of her life.  I look at Kacey and remember going through those rough patches with Kylie.  But now Kylie is so wonderful.  She's an amazing helper, a great listener, follows multiple directions to the T, a hard worker, and very ready to please.  I can say to her, "Kylie, take your sisters downstairs and give them breakfast."  I'll come down about 10 minutes later, and she's done it!  Plates, food, even Kadyn's food is broken up in pieces.  AND Kadyn in strapped in her high chair.  Kylie is INCREDIBLE!  She's so wonderful, I'm so grateful for her and all the sanity she brings me :)
... and sometimes I reward her with a Cherry Coke Zero, what can you do!?! :)


Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Such cute dresses!!! I love their hair bows as well! Looking at pictures of your girls makes me excited to have one of my own soon! Hopefully she comes out as cute as yours are!

dadTB said...

Are you sure Kylie is Matt's daughter? LOL

All kidding aside... She sounds like a wonderful daughter that any parent would be certainly proud of.

The girls all look so cute and rather angelic.

It sounds like Kaydn is growing into an individual. Her desire for a "lone sitting" is not atypical at all... Heck, I would want that individual attention, too, and I'm 55 years old! :-)

The strawberries look tasty and sweet. I remember when Uncle Jim had his own strawberry patch at his home in the country. We all benefited from that strawberry patch for years.

I'm sure Matt remembers.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

p.s. Tell Matt to run over to my blog and see the short video I put up. I used a new set of "video sunglasses" that I recently purchased. Lookout... t.v. is next!

thepainterfamily said...

oh nicole, you have the most beautiful little ladies, each with their own unique look, but sisters for sure!! I can't WAIT to see how #4 fits in just perfectly!

and as always...THOSE DRESSES! adorable.

The High Family- said...

I just want to squeeze Kaydn's little cheeks. Watch out boys. Your girls are so beautiful. So impressed with the 9 am. I can barely make it by myself at 11.

The High Family- said...

I love Kaydn's smashed little face in that picture. She is a doll. They are always so cute and trendy.