Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. Outback Steakhouse date night tomorrow night. Not sure if I'm more excited about the Aussie Loaded Cheese Fries or the fact that the meal's free!!! (*I know everyone's going to ask, we get free meals there from an affiliation with Matthew's job)
2. We finally learned all the words to "Happy Little Working Song" from Enchanted. So Kylie, Kacey, and I can sing it from start to finish. I figure that looks better than them always singing the songs from the Twilight Soundtrack.
3. When Matthew's done with Kacey in the bathtub, he bundles her up in her towel and sends her over to me- I'm waiting in her bedroom with her jammies. He finishes Kylie up while Kacey and I snuggle. I love her little face as she runs to me, all soaking wet and smiley. So sweet... I'm really going to miss it when she's older and doesn't do that anymore.
4. Kylie had a field trip today to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. Kylie had the best time!!!! She told me all about it when she got home, she was completely fascinated and has decided that we're going again soon. We're really lucky she's in such a great preschool. I'm sure treking her downtown mid-week, little sisters and all, would not make my to-do list... so it's good she has preschool to give her some of those fun experiences.
5. It was early morning and the big girls were still asleep. I was downstairs with the dog, Matthew was in the shower, Kadyn had woke up and was not happy! I heard her, but I had to finish Maggie up and make a bottle before I could get to her. As I finally got upstairs, I saw Kylie walking back into her bedroom (all groggy and half asleep). She had woken up, gone into Kadyn's bedroom (other side of the house) calmed her down and gave her the pacifier, just to blindly walk back to her room, crawl in bed to fall back asleep... what sacrifice! Good little girl.


The Foulgers said...

Date night how fun! That is awesome that it's free. I hope you have a nice relaxing evening out!:)

dadTB said...

We love the last story about Big Sis helping out Baby Sis.

Bath nights were always special in our home... "Rub a dub dub, three little Boyds in a tube" They loved playing with their bath toys and the stick up numbers and letters.

The Kewpie Doll wet hair was always the funniest.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Jared and Kari said...

Your Kylie is so sweet! It just melts my heart when older siblings take care of the younger ones. Kadyn and Kacey are so lucky!