Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday, Kylie and Kadyn had dr appts. Thankfully, Kylie did not need any shots. I told her she wouldn't, but I completely didn't know... I just didn't want to deal with the drama beforehand. (fyi- Kylie's in the 97% for height, we all knew that. The dr said he estimates that she'll be about 5'11" and Kadyn might be 5'9", Kacey then being the shortest... although all of them still towering over me. I predict Kylie being my height by middle school... Kadyn's in the 75% for height and 30% for weight (?) Dr told me to feed her more... umm, hello... did you see her cheeks -top and bottom. Anyway, I'm feeding her more)...

POINT: Afterwards, we went to Burger King for a fun little time. It was packed, we couldn't get our normal seats, sooo many kids. I was up ordering, my mom was situating Kadyn and feeding her. And she told Kylie to watch her sister with all the kids there so Kacey didn't get lost in the mix or trampled by the bigger kids. As I was walking closer to the Playland with all our food, I see Kacey by the door and Kylie politely stopping/yelling-not loudly but being forceful to another mother who was about to slam Kacey's fingers in the corner of the door. And I was really proud of her. First off, for listening and keeping Kacey close by and keeping a watchful eye out... and second for assessing the situation and knowing she had only seconds to stop this lady who wasn't paying attention to the children around her- I really think that took courage, this lady was a stanger. And third (mind you this is all a matter of seconds) Kylie knew she wasn't allowed to yank Kacey back, because we always worry about Kacey's arms and her breaking it again... so Kylie knew she wasn't allowed to grab her. Kylie's such a good big sister!

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The Foulgers said...

That's great that Kylie didn't need any shots, especially after you told her she wouldn't need any. Can you imagine!:) Trevor still needs one more before school.
I'm happy that Kylie is such a great big sis. She is always watching out for Kasey. I can't believe that mother wasn't!