Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tea Cup Party

We celebrated Kylie's birthday (again) with a little party with all her 5 year old girlfriends... we had a tea cup party! Of course we started all the fun and festivities with a Tea Party! (well, it was Sprite)Then we played Tea Cup Bingo...Poor Little Kacey missed a majority of it, because she was upstairs passed out on our rocking chair. We think she's got food poisoning, not pointing any fingers- Costco hot dog- but she was up from 1-5 the night before. So was I, not fun.Now, we colored our spouts for....Pin the Spout on the Tea Pot. I'm pretty proud of my Tea Pot drawing-- originally that was a delegated responsibility to Matthew -you should have seen his!!! I should put that on the blog! HA!Matthew couldn't resist getting some of cute little man, Cole.Then we opened presents. She got such cute stuff!We sang and ate cupcakes.I had another game- musical tea cups- but the girls were ready to play outside... so they played outside!

All in all, super fun time had by all... I think I'm going to keep all my stuff so I can do it again for Kacey's birthday. The girls had a blast. And huge thank you Missy for helping me throughout! Somehow I always rely on her to help me clean up... and she always does!


We called it an early evening with:

(HUGE Thank you to Rochelle and Steve who had it at my door by 8:15 am, I only wanted the Target one, 3 disc special!!!!)

*I had to miss a twilight party :( because of the minimal sleep I had the night before. But I couldn't go to bed until Matthew and I watched it once, we'll probably hit the bonus disc tonight!!!


dadTB said...


What a great birthday party! You have a lot of cute friends to help you celebrate. That's for sure!

Your mommy, daddy, and sisters must really love you a whole bunch.

We liked the pictures of the "Pin the Spout on the Tea Cup" and all of you playing on the swing set in the yard.

The weather looked fantastic, too.

You get better, Kacey Sweetie!

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Mikki said...

What a cute party idea. Perfect for little girls. Definitely looks like a a success.
Poor Kacey, hope she's feeling better. Food poisoning is no fun. :o(

Kaylan said...

Hey nice tea pot! You were making that when we were on the phone, good job multi-tasking! What a great party and Kylie is getting so grown up! Oh, poor Kacey :( Losing that much sleep in one night for parents and kids is so hard. Especially when you have a birthday party going on later that day. We brought Haley home from church early today. She had a fever of 101.8, cough and a little runny nose. Fever is gone but she has been in bed since about 8pm and she keeps waking up, crying, coughing. It's 12:30am and she's still at it. No point in going to bed until she is really settled in. Hopefully she will sleep in. I can't wait to watch Twilight!

The Foulgers said...

What a super cute birthday party! You did a great job on the teapot. I'm not artistic at all. I always save my kids birthday party stuff to reuse. With 4 boys in a row I can't keep coming up with new ideas!:) I'm sorry to hear about Kasey and you missing the Twilight party. I FINALLY saw Twilight. Jason bought it for me the day it came out. How pathetic am I to never see it on the big screen?

thepainterfamily said...

ohhh! What a cute cute party! Such a great idea!

3 disc special!! What kind of special features are there? how awesome!

Nicole said...

What a cute little party. Happy Birthday Kylie!

Missy said...

K, i just now saw you posted this. It was such a cute, fun party. You did a great job! I didn't notice till I saw the pics that our shirts were the same color.