Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Pictures

Confusing Morning: time change= 1 hour less sleep.
Matthew gone for Priesthood by 7 am. (again really 6)
Stake Conference at 10 (really 9 am), needing to sit for 2 hours in one spot= need extra snacks and things to keep them busy...

**** MEANING, it's ALL me ALL morning and get 4 women ready (and survival bags packed up) by what really seems like 9 am****
~~~~Pictures are random due to the circumstances~~~~
Matthew came home after Priesthood for 3.5 seconds to take this one (only one child ready yet) to go save us seats at church.

So that's why Kacey's not in this picture... and that's why we don't have a family picture this week. Matthew never made it into a picture, sorry dear.

Kylie did however get one of me and Kadyn... shhh, don't tell Daddy. He'll flip if he knew Kylie was holding, let alone using, the camera :P

A close up, she was so excited... I let her wear one of my necklaces. She's such a big girl!


thepainterfamily said...

I'm so excited for the longer days...more light...but shoot that spring time change is rough! :)

The Foulgers said...

I can't believe you were able to get everyone out the door. My family has had a really tough time with this time change. It isn't getting light in the morning here till around 8:30. I'm used to Vegas where it's light around 6:00!:)

Mikki said...

I hate losing sleep, it's not like we get enough as it is ya' know?
I'm totally impressed--getting four girls ready and out the door is a huge accomplishment!!

The High Family- said...

We barely made it to church at 9:00. That hour really does make a difference. Not with you guys though. You all look amazing!! I want your secret.