Sunday, March 8, 2009


Pictures from the big event!

Friday night, my house was turned into Guy Heaven- due to a minor building scheduling conflict/situation. HOWEVER, when I woke up Saturday morning my house was perfectly back to normal... so I was happy.
Now question, I'm Enrichment Leader... when we plan Enrichments, they're uplifting and spiritual... however the Elders Quorum activites are hmmm... well, there was a prayer on the food, so I guess that can be considered spiritual :) There was a great turn-out and from the noise I heard upstairs, everyone was having a blast... so I guess that's really all that mattered.

Gaming Madness! There were even awards given out at the end... Matthew got gold glitter all over himself making them (real men sparkle!)

They set up a projecter having dual screens in my living room and my dining room... I think allowing 8 people to play at a time.

The Wii was in my family room.

I think PS3 was in the toy room.

This was the sight all evening....

Plenty of man food, I sampled everything :) *nice perk to it being at my house

(nothing sweet though, you can tell women didn't plan it)

The only downside with all the MAN food, was all night while I was trying to sleep there were too many smells... too many overpowering greasy smells all mixing together... ugh, made me sick. I had to air out the downstairs in the morning. My garage got turned into a game room. Every now and again I would hear PING from a ball hitting my cabinets :) I was just glad that wasn't in my house!

*Next Manrichment is the Pinewood Derby ~for men. Should be exciting. Let's hope that one's not at my house too!!!! :)

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