Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Joy...

We all know that my joy is matching my girls' clothes (and funny thing, I swore I would NEVER be that mom), I'm getting a 3rd girl and let's face it... I need to prepare!!!

So every few days I hop on ebay for my favorite dresses, to match for baby girl #3. ..which of course are not being sold at the stores/online anymore. Proud to say, that I have been victorious and I must agree that it is more exciting when you win it... "new with tags" never sounded better, especially with a winning bid of $5. (My poor mother-in-law, it pains me to think how much she spent on these dresses for Kylie and Kacey originally, but they are beautiful/high quality dresses.)
The girls will be wearing a white dress on Easter, one just came in the mail today (for baby girl #3) from ebay... Anyway, this is the next dress I'm bidding on, auction ends in 4 hours (bid is $3.57 and $2.50 shipping, how awesome is that?!).
I have two options, go smaller for new baby or buy larger for Kylie and everyone trade down. I think life will be easier in the future if instead of cleaning closets and moving clothes, everyone just switches bedrooms!!!

An affectionate sister choke hold :)


thepainterfamily said...

ahhhh, I love seeing your girls in matching dresses! I am glad you are "that mom". Way to go savvy shopper! and that birthday cake and party looked FABULOUS! Kids grow up SO fast!

Kaylan said...

I love those dresses!!!! They are so cute! The girls look beautiful! You are such a savy shopper Nicole! Way to go babe!

Kata said...

so cute! I LOVE matchy match! Only- I WANT TO MATCH THEM TOO! I haven't really done it, although I always debate it. Do you ever check out hanna anderson? you'll be a total fan.