Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My baby's 4 today!

Okay, I am proud of my cake and Kylie helped make it and was in charge of the sprinkles... it tastes perfect... I have secrets if you're interested. Anyway, I figure I'd make this year's because a "5" seems a little harder- we'll buy one next year.
This was about 7 this morning, Kylie opened her presents. She got rollerskates with elbow and knee pads, 3 bubble makers, and the new doll that swims... (fyi, i know some of you mom's are looking into it-- it's so not worth it, it's loud, it freaked Kylie out because it doesn't look as easy as on the commercial, in fact she threw it out of the tub and said she didn't want it anymore... fun times)
At Peter Piper Pizza playing games.
The basketball game is a family fave.
Kacey just had a great time playing with the birthday balloons from Yaya and Papa.

Kylie spent her birthday at Peter Piper Pizza, just with family. I seriously debated on doing the whole "party" thing, but I didn't have the energy and ultimately I didn't think she'd mind just having us... let it be publicly known, I will make up for it in next year's party.


We've already taken some pictures, because Kylie wanted to open her presents right away!!! I'll post them tonight with the others from the day. I'm very proud of my cake, too!

BUT, indulge me for a moment. Four years ago, I spent the night at Jordan Valley Hospital, my amniotic fluid was very low so they wanted to induce me. I was thrilled because my guess in the date pool was the 18th. At 8:30 am, they gave me petocin... by 9:30 am, I desperately wanted the epidural. Apparently, I was last on the list because it was my first child, blah blah, everyone else got to go first. It took Mr. Epidural Man 3 hours to get to me!!! The whole time I was sending Matthew in the hall to go and get someone, "BRING SOMEONE BACK!" He'd run out there like what am I supposed to do, there's no one here. Finally, I got my epidural- I had got to an 8 on my own- then I fell asleep from noon-4, waking up on and off to see Matthew whispering on the phone with all the family. My water broke on it's own sometime while I slept, Kylie worked her little way down the birth canal, no pain on my part. Matthew was on the phone with my mom giving updates, the doctor walked in, he hung up, I practically sneezed and out Kylie came (it was cake! but Kacey's was payback so don't be envious). Matthew called my mom back, she thought he was joking about it all being over. :)

6 pounds, 3 oz. 18 inches long. I can't believe it's been 4 years!


Adam & Samantha said...

Wow I can't believe she's for!! She is such a cutie, I hope she had a great birthday =)

Missy said...

What a beautiful picture! Funny, Riley was exactly the same size.

Anonymous said...


Papa and Yaya

the meyer fam said...

Happy birthday Kylie!!

Nicole Manuele said...

Happy Birthday Kylie! She is so cute. It looks like she had a fun B-day!

Kaylan said...

It looks like Kylie had a great birthday with her family and that is what is most important anyways. That and your sanity:) Happy 4th Birthday Kylie! You are a doll!

Kata said...

darling photo! Happy birthday kylie! and I want the secret for the cake!!!

Sheri said...

Isn't it sad how fast they grow! I wish I could keep them infants forever. Looks like she has a good bday.Thanks for the heads up on the doll, the girls wanted them for the pool.