Thursday, March 13, 2008


It took me forever to find one, because we are really limited with the backyard space. Our backyard is an "L" shape... and let's face it, lots are not plentiful here in Vegas. So this one was a nice fit for us. It's about 11 feet high, that inclined rock wall is 6 feet, so it should be large enough to keep the girls' interest for a few years.
I was getting really anxious too because the weather has been GORGEOUS lately, (right now it's 79, I'm totally bragging to you cold people right now) and Kylie's just playing with her sad little chalk pieces outback.
So, the playset should arrive in about 10 days, I just can't wait to tire the girls out on it so they fall asleep fast and sleep good through the night! :)
(yes that was my true motive, and for that purpose alone it's worth every penny!)


The High Family- said...

Cute, cute. I want one for our backyard. I guess it's a get the nice weather and we get the big backyard. Go figure, you can't get both in the same city.

Nicole Manuele said...

The girls are going to love that. I want to get one for Bailey but she might be too little, she loves the park so it would be nice to have something in the backyard. Where did you get yours from?

dadTB said...

I know that the girls will get years of enjoyment out of that play set.

You'll have to talk to Aunt Julie about how I took our play set down a little before I really wanted to. :-)

Hospitals and two surgeries are part of that story.

Uncle Tom

the boyd family said...

i got it at i wasn't planning on buying something online, but in this case it was on sale (i think last year's model) and the shipping was FREE! and i went to a whole bunch of stores and it was so hard finding exactly what i wanted to fit in our fake grassy area outback.

Adam & Samantha said...

That looks like so much fun! I bet your girls will love it! By the way...the video thing is really easy. Just take some video on your camera, download it on your computer, then when you post there is an icon for video next to the picture one, I hope that made since!

Missy said...

That looks awesome! Our backyard is tiny too. It's all stamped concrete though, so we are really limited!