Monday, November 12, 2007

**Part 2**

The second batch:

Kylie's favorite character, Minnie Mouse... and the whole reason we go! Oh yeah... sporting Daddy's shades!
We won "Dream Fast Passes" for a bunch of rides good for all day... we got 4. (Needless to say Matthew was in 7th Heaven!)
This is Kylie's first time driving the bumper cars.
We went to see the Playhouse Disney Show.
Tinkerbell face painting, which I can only assume will be a MUST from here on out.
Long day.
This picture is priceless (like my new stroller... thanks Yaya and Papa!)... Anyway, Matthew went real quick to the ride that shoots you up really fast. The line was short, we were right there. Kylie was heartbroken that she couldn't go too, because she was Daddy's little partner for everything. Crying does not even begin to describe it, "please, take me, take me... I not too little, you're too big!" then Kacey joined in for sisterly support. Everyone was looking at us... it was traumatic.
This was to make up for the ride he went on without her.


dadTB said...

That was a perfect picture of the girls sharing a good cry together... Sympathy cries.

One of my favorite characters is Goofy... Imagine that!

Thanks for sharing the picture. The one with Kylie interacting and Kasey mesmerized with that big smile of hers at the Playhouse Disney Show is precious.

The world's a much better place for the likes of Walt Disney. :-)

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Amy said...

I bet it's more fun now that Kylie is older? It looks like she LOVES rides! It's in her blood!

Amy said...

Oh and that picture is hilarious!

Kata said...

this just gets me thinking.... I can't wait to go! You look like you had a blast!