Monday, April 16, 2007


We are in our vacation rental right now... vacation rental meaning it's professionally decorated and everything you could ever need is supplied with the home. It's really lovely, I'm debating on telling the owner that I "broke" the dishes so I can just pay him for them and take them with me! They are gorgeous.
We packed up everything else in our 3rd pod on Friday. Poor Kylie, she went to my parents' house. So on Saturday when we went back to the house to gather up our clothes and a few other items, she was traumatized. This whole move has really affected her. First off, this past week she refuses to be left alone for more than 2 minutes at a time. That means she won't nap, and she'll only fall asleep with Matthew laying in bed next to her. If I'd go on another level, she'd come running and yelling, "I'm coming with you!" Poor child, I think she really thought we'd forget her. Anyway, so Saturday she walked through the empty house... she went to her bedroom and was frantic. "My bed, what happened, where'd it go!" Her face was bright red and she was trying to fight back the tears.
Now, we are here. She keeps asking if we like our new home, which I think is to reassure her that we like it and we'll be here for a bit.

As for our plans, I know everyone's wondering what the heck we are doing... well, we are wondering the same thing. I told Matthew that he's got one month, May 15th, to decide if he wants to take one of the various job opportunities in front of him. (for those who know, we rejected the Charlotte, NC offer... wasn't good enough) Anyways, the other runnings are Denver, Seattle, Pheonix, and Houston or Dallas/FT. Worth. So, he's got one month... if he's still undecided at that time, it's a buyer's market and I'm buying me a house and we're staying in Vegas!!!

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