Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Pinterest is my new boredom activity... I find 20 free minutes, maybe when my dryer will be done or time before I need to wake Kloey up from her nap to go pick up the girls from school and I pop on this website.  It's pretty much pictures of cool DIY projects.  You can see what you're friends like, and you can "pin it" to your virtual pinboard as something you want to do.

My problem is I want them NOW.  So this weekend I jumped on 3 projects.  #1 A new door hang.  #2 Leg warmers #3 A massive multipurpose calendar/to do list (not pictured, because it's not printed from Costco yet and I only have 3 matching 16x20 frames and I need 4)

So this is my cute, new every occasion door decoration!
 Cute little felt flowers on a burlap wrapped wreath, I hand made every one of those little flowers.... dang hot glue gun got me everytime! hahaha
 AND project #2, cute little legwarmers in 2 different styles- fluff on the bottom
 Gotta love Kacey as my little model; she's such a diva.
Or crocheted flower on the top... gotta make 2 more of these by Sunday church...
Kacey- love her sweet little soul, she sits with me in my laundry room as I get my craft on.  She feeds me pretzels and holds the soda for me so I can drink and keep my hands busily working.  Such a helpful little thing!


Mikki said...

THey all look fabulous! Great job.
I love the thought of Kacey feeding you as you craft. So sweet!

thepainterfamily said...


what great projects!

I just joined in the pinterest fun a couple weeks ago too.
Mostly I've been trying new recipes...about 5 so far and they are ALL keepers. That's the great thing, when they come from friends, they are bound to be yummy!