Sunday, October 10, 2010

GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN... and daddy was there too!

So Saturday morning, I woke up and decided I wanted to do something fun... something out of the ordinary, something on a day which we had NO plans.  I was thinking, "Well we live in VEGAS... let's go downtown, maybe do Circus Circus, the AdventureDome, go see the Lions at MGM, hit the M&M factory, get some lunch and be home for naps."  So I give my plan to Matthew, who one ups me!  "Let's go up to St. George!"  I think it's a bad joke, "Hmmm, where to Las Vegans go to vacation... Utah."  :)  Haha.  Anyway, we packed up our Traverse and traversed ourselves out of NV, through AZ and to UT.

Surprisingly, it's a quick drive.  Our family theme song played on the radio, yes GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN is the family theme song (sorry dear to out us...) when Cyndi Lauper comes on we all get very excited!!!

So we're driving, and Kylie's fascinated with rocks... she's fascinated with science in general (so not my child) and she wants to be a scientist.  She even gives them names, not like Betty or John, but calls them by their scientific name... I don't even know or remember what she calls them, but she's a smartie.  So we stopped the car and got out and took pictures of the canyon.

 Hop, skip, and a jump away and we were in St. George.  We went to the Wildlife Museum, which was fun.  Not the highlight for Matthew and I, but when I ask the girls what their favorite part of the day was... they say the animals... so I'm glad we went!
 This one was on purpose, someone is in denial about his bald spot.  He doesn't seem to think it exists.  His response to this picture when he reads the blog is that his hair is cut short.  Ummm, yeah... so next picture :)
 It's a bit dark, every so often the lights go out and you hear thunder... but they are standing in front of a waterfall. 
 Up we go....

 They had a little kiddy area, for the girls to climb and touch stuff which was fun for them.

 So we finished with the Museum and went to lunch... we parked, got out of the car and yes... this is what kids from Las Vegas do when they see grass.  We have rocks, concrete, and a pool in our backyard.  Grass is foreign to us.
 Oh, did I forget to mention where we went for lunch?!?!?  Holy cow, this was worth the drive alone.  And secretly, this was Matthew and my favorite part of the whole day!!!!  CRACKER BARREL, surprisingly there aren't any in Vegas.

I mean, do you see those desserts!?!?  I'm pouring hot carmelly goodness onto mine.  Notice Kadyn's face, she's just as excited as I am intent to get it perfect!  Yeah, best part about the day....

Then, we went to the St. George Temple.  We've passed it so many times on the road from here to Salt Lake, but we've never stopped.

 We went into the Visitor's Center, which was lots of fun.  The girls enjoyed it, we saw a nice movie, and they took home cotton and Kylie got a special white rock from Elder Sheffeld.  She LOVES it, apparently it's gypsum which was used in building the Temple.
 Beautiful day, gorgeous weather to be on Temple Grounds.
 And we learned that upon completion of building the Temple, President Brigham Young was not satisfied with the tower and dome on the very top.  He thought it looked too much like a government building, but the Saints were so excited to have a Temple he didn't push for them to rebuild it.  A few months I think after he died, a lightning bolt struck the very top... only the top, and the Saints had to reconstruct it.  They did it making it taller and less "squatty" the way Brigham Young had preferred... interesting :)

After that, we hit Deseret Book (since they all closed here in Vegas) and got the girls new scripture bags.  Then we went to the outlets but found the 3 younger girls all asleep when we pulled in.  So I ran into Down East (fun fun!!!) and we decided to head home since it was getting dark.

SUCH a fun day!!!!  It was so fun to pick up and just go.  Amazing how we had no plans, no clue what the day would hold for us, and it was such a fun day that I know the girls will remember... and look forward to the next time we say, "Hey... wanna spend the day (and maybe even night) in St. George!!!?!" :) 


Mikki said...

What a great way to spend the day. I love St. George. The St. George Temple is my favorite I think.

Next time you go, check out the Jacob Hamblin home in Santa Clara an of course, Brigham Youngs home right there in St. George.
Then there's always Zion--so gorgeous!!!

I couldn't believe Kadyn today!! She's just getting so big! I got to hang out in nursery with her, she's SUCH a cutie and she did so well!!!

The Foulgers said...

Seriously, what a fun day! I love St. George.
I'm going to have to try Cracker Barrel, we have one 5 min. from our house, but we've never been. Sad news about Desert Book closing. Oh and I LOVE the girls admiring the grass!:)

dadTB said...

Spontaneous... Just like his Uncle Tom. :) "Why? Because we want to."

Seems like you had a great family outing. The pictures are fantastic and the girls all looked like they had a terrific time.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Sheri said...

Desert Book is not on Sahara anymore? I just went there a month or so ago.

thepainterfamily said...

oh man...this is a Saturday for the books :)

no plan weekends are the BEST!

Russell Family said...

How fun! If her name's Kylie, she'll have to be smart! :)

The Deseret Book & Distribution Center on Sahara are still there, though it's pretty tiny. :(

Was there a Gymbo Outlet in St. George?

Kaylan said...

This was a great post! I was laughing out loud at the post with the girls picking at the grass! Too funny! Matthew might need to invest in some Rogaine ;) Zac makes me check his hair line to make sure it isn't thining out :) I am so glad you had such a fun time out as a family! How do you stay so thin eating a big old sundae?! You look fabulous and the girls are beautiful as always!