Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summary of our life...

So we went to Disneyland, we have a bunch of pictures... I'll have to post them later.  We had a great time, I ended up cutting the trip short.  Being 8 months pregnant, after 4 full days... I was exhausted.  We ended up leaving 2 days early, the girls (and Matthew) had done everything already 100 times... so no tears were shed.

First off, THANK YOU to everyone who has called, emailed, texted, contacted my parents... we have been offered so much help this past little bit.  I appreciate every single person calling with concern over our little munchkin.  It's times like these where you realize how many friends you have and what a great support system we have... we're really blessed.  On that note, couldn't survive life without my parents--- who live every minute right now at our beck and call. 

Maybe I should actually detail the past few days.  Kadyn's sick, pretty bad.  She's got the stomach bug, rotavirus- 98% of all children by the age of 5 have gotten it.  However, she's so little and tiny she just can't fight it off.  I took her into the DR Sunday morning (yes my dr has weekend hours, awesome right?!?!) after 3 days of trying to kick this bug... and she's only 1 pound more than she was at her 12 month visit (she's 21 months now), she's lost some weight.  He admitted her directly to Summerlin Pediatrics where we spent 2 full days on fluids with great nurses. 

Matthew spent the night, which made me feel like the worst mother ever.  Who leaves their baby in a hospital over night?!?!  I won't even leave my kids to do a Vegas-vacation overnight... However in my defense, the fold up cot for my very pregnant body did not look fun.  AND, I was not allowed to change any dirty diapers for risk of infection to Kloey.  Lucky Matthew :)  So he was more useful.  The nurse actually told me to go home, which was all the ammo Matthew needed because it was our constant fight all day Sunday as to who was going to stay--- he won and he stayed. 

We left Monday night, however Tuesday she downward spiraled- couldn't keep anything down.  We went back in to get an injection of anti-vomitting meds, it worked.  Now it's just a waiting game with that and the toast/bananas diet.  I just want this to be over, her poor little body has been a pin cusion to blood tests and shots and cultures.  I just want her to be better now.

Me and Kloey
Just to add some excitement into the mix of our boring little lives, my amniotic fluid is low.  It was with Kylie also, so my dr was preparing for it.  It's supposed to be 14, I'm at 8.  And apparently, I'm at the peak right now... it only lessens from here.  To make it even more fun, Kloey's breech... butt down/head up.  Dr is not confident she's going to flip given that my fluid is so low... so we maybe planning on a scheduled c-section... oh and I have contractions every single night.  I have 6 more weeks to go.  Contractions that range from 10 minutes apart or even from 3-5 minutes apart.  They go away after an hour-ish.  So we'll see.  My dr keeps saying : 4 or more contractions in an hour and go into the hospital.  Yeah... I'd be in there every night.  No thanks.

So that's the sum up of our lives.  I figured it's easier to put it on the blog than repeat the same thing over again :)  But I still can't say enough how much we appreciate all the love and concern from our friends here.  Daily we get calls of people wanting to help with the girls or bring dinner... I haven't taken anyone up on it yet, but it's still nice to know of all the support we have.  Kylie and Kacey have been in pure heaven playing with Yaya and Papa all day, while Matthew and I tend to Kadyn.... which is great, last thing I'd want to do is feel badly that they feel neglected, but on the contrary... they are loving it! 

I'll update more on Kadyn when we know.


The Foulgers said...

Wow, that is really scary! Spencer had the same thing when he was 17 months old. He was in the hospital for 3 days. Once he was able to eat and keep it down he improved really quickly. I hope she gets better soon. We'll be keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.

Mikki said...

Nicole, I'm so sorry. I thought she was getting better. So scary.
I'm doubling up on prayers your way now.

thepainterfamily said...

ohhh nicole!

That rotovirus is a nasty nasty bug. Zach got it once when he was 11 months, and then the next year at 2 also!! It's horrible, and I was so glad that my other two were able to get the rotovirus vaccine!

I'm so sorry for all the medical concerns and hope that little Kadyn feels better soon and that all will smooth out with Kloey's arrival as well!

You're in my prayers.

dadTB said...

Thanks for the update. I saw on Facebook that Kadyn was in the hospital and immediately called Denny. He filled Aunt Julie and I in on all the details. Needless to say, she and the family are in our prayers... always!

Poor little cutie. It amazes me how resilient they all can be.

I hope that she gains strength each and every day.

It is so nice having your parents living in close proximity. A grandparents love is never ending and I'm sure the other girls are enjoying their presence in the home.

Hang in there and take care of yourself.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom