Friday, March 26, 2010

Dr. Appt

Sweet Little Kloey!
We had our official ultrasound today verifying that her heart, brain, spine, all that stuff was good... and it was!  Everything looks perfect, she's moving like crazy, growing just fine!  (And it's always nice to hear that she's still a girl, especially after the massive amounts of clothes I've bought!)
Check out this picture... okay, OUCH!
And here will be the 1 and only pregnancy picture of me you will see, taken this morning.  Black is very forgiving, but let's face it... appearance at this point in pregnancy- well, it's downhill from here.  I'm 19 weeks and 4 days... the next picture you see of me will be in the hospital with Kloey in my arms!
I called home during my dr's appt and talked to Kacey.  She goes: "Mommy, is Kloey out of your belly now!!??"  And I told her no.  She was quite upset and said that she wanted her to be out now.  I told her that in a few more weeks, I'm really going to want her to be out too. :)


dadTB said...

Aunt Julie and I are so happy to hear that you and Kloey are doing so well.

Kloey looks like she's doing Yoga in her mommy's belly... LOL!

I always laugh at a little child's concept of time and space (i.e. "Are we there yet?") It sounds like Kacey really can't wait for her new sister and future playmate. :)

Take care and keep posting your progress!

Love you all,
Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Jared and Kari said...

That's all you've popped out so far?!? You look awesome! I look twice the size of you! No fair.

Mikki said...

Are you kidding? You look fantastic, you always do!
I love ultrasound pics. So fun to watch them develop.

thepainterfamily said...

you're adorable! you look GREAT! and i love the name Kloey! :)

Nicole said...

how exciting... happy to see you, too.

Holly, Justin, Carter & Kelsie said... are by far the cutest littlest pregnant lady at that stage. I am like a huge house by then! Silly girl, you should definitely post more pictures before she's born ;)