Thursday, January 21, 2010

Primary Activity

I love this picture, thanks for sending it to me Erin.  Apparently, the Primary Presidency was taking some photos of their activity this past Saturday.  And Kylie asked if they could take one of her and her sister together... it turned out really cute :)


thepainterfamily said...

what a sweet sister!!

i love that she wanted a photo together!!!

Nicole said...

i love that Jesus is right behind them...

dadTB said...

Hello In Las Vegas... I just read you article on the Finance Lady... You go, Nicole!

I had a very similar experience recently at the ER. I went in with extremely swollen glands. I couldn't even tolerate swallowing my own saliva and a P.A. saw me... Yep, a P.A.!

Now, I'm sure the P.A. was consulting with Dr. K, but the good doc never came in to see me, not once.

I had not eaten or drank much for three days and I was very dehydrated with a 101.6 degree temperature... "He's tolerating!" is all I remember the P.A. saying each time Aunt Julie and I asked for an I.V. (diabetes and liver disease). He always refused.

After spending 5 hours in the ER, he sent me home after taking prednisone for the swelling and gave me a prescription for hydrocodone for the throat pain.

The very next day, I was admitted by my PCP to the hospital and spent the next 6 days there... losing 20+ pounds overall! Yepper, I was tolerating, for sure. Arrrgggghhhhh!

Good job on getting your bill covered. and advocating for your family. Not complaining, advocating! There's a major difference.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom