Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

For this post, I am anticipating being thankful.... because someone is going to leave a comment with an answer to a problem, and I'm going to be very thankful.
So, we have this little lizard that lives in our entry way (outside not in). And everyone (my husband) keeps telling me "lizards are good, they're pest control, blah blah, it's more scared of you." You know what... I'm pretty scared of him. Yes he runs like heck when he sees me, which is usually daily. I scream when I see him, neighbors must think I'm on something. We're trying to be nice, we call him Larry. He's only about 4 inches long. But you know what, Larry has a friend. And Larry's friend is bigger and fatter which makes me think Larry is a Libby, and Larry's friend should be named Larry. And sometimes when I walk down my driveway (like to get the trash cans, like today). I see a little lizard run through the rocks. NOT COOL LARRY/LIBBY whoever the heck you are. I want them gone. I don't need lizard pest control that's why I pay $40 a month for a nice man to come and spray as pest control. So other than me going Commando on this lizard and chasing him with a kitchen knife... any ideas????


thepainterfamily said...

i don't know a lot about lizards no ideas.

But once when my brother was little, he came into the house crying holding a lizard tail (that was still moving thankyouverymuch) because he thought he had killed his lizard friend he was trying to catch. ewwww.

i don't like lizards because every time I see one I think it is a snake for 1.3 seconds and it FREAKS me out, because I do hate snakes. very much.

the boyd family said...

tara... ditto! lizards are too close to the snake family. and i'm PETRIFIED beyond words of snakes. words can't even describe... to the point of in high school, in biology, i couldn't read the page if a photo of a snake was on there... had to skip the page entirely.

Sheri said...

Glad it's you and not me,he he! Maybe your bug man would like them. It would give him something new to chase.

dadTB said...

Non-Chemical Ways!

1. Trim back any bushes that they can hide in and around.
2. Usher the "love duo" off your property with a broom... or... corner Larry and broom him/her into a box. Take said box for a Looooong walk.
3. Use a sticky trap that is often used for trapping mice. Once caught... remove from your new found friends from your property.
4. If you have any standing water... not your swimming pool (lol)... get rid of it because insects like to breed there and guess who loves to munch on insects... yep, Larry!

Good luck!
Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Mikki said...

I really have no advice to offer. I actually kind of like lizards, the non-venemous variety anyway. Good luck!!