Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

We got Kylie's information for Kindergarten. Elementary school is year-round here, so you get on different tracks for school. All of Kylie's friends are on one track, Kylie is on another. And when I say all her little friends, I mean ALL. Every single other child we know in Kindergarten is track 4. Us- track 3. Mainly because all of her friends have older siblings and they try to keep siblings all on the same tracks... so they get first dibs on track requests. Somewhere in the mix, we kinda got lost :( Kylie seems fine with it, she said she'll ask everyone's name. But I feel kinda badly about it.


dadTB said...

Now Kylie will have even MORE friends! She'll love going to kindergarten and school, in general. She's a bright girl with a great future ahead of her.

When does school begin?

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Kaylan said...

Oh, that's a bummer! I bet it's harder for us than it is for them. We just worry so much that they aren't going to be with people we know when we have to send them off into the world all by themselves. She is such a cute and sweet girl that she is going to have a dozen friends by the end of the first day. Guranteed!

The Foulgers said...

I know, it's really hard the way year round is. I really liked my kids being year round, but you never knew if your kids would end up with their friends. I always picked tracks based on the teacher versus when the breaks were. It always seemed like the teachers I wanted were on tracks 4 and 5 though, which made it harder to get. I didn't know they even had a Kindergarten track 3. I know a lot of people that really love track 3. She will make so many great friends.

thepainterfamily said...

i've never even met kylie in person but i swear i can tell she is going to do so great in kindergarten! how exciting!

When does school start? And how does year-round work?