Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

We had Enrichment a week ago, a fabulous one if I do say so myself... the food alone was to die for I digress, anyway one of our sisters taught a motivation class about the Power of 30. Essentially, it's how dedicating just 30 minutes a day, or a week, or a month, can really organize you and make you feel like your accomplishing things and progressing in your life... instead of always being behind.

Anyway, this sister did such a great job and I (as well as I think everyone else) was truly motivated. I've done so much this past week in short little spurts, really organizing myself and getting things done-- not just ordinary weekly tasks like laundry and ironing... but digging deep in the closets, and Kylie's school supply corner, and cleaning on the top of my fridge (which accumulates so much junk because that's our go to place because the munchkins can't reach it!!!).

This week I've had a great feeling because I've been making more with my time, and taking control to get things done. I'm really grateful for Sister Gee and her fabulous lesson!


thepainterfamily said...

Cool! That sounds like a class I need!

The Foulgers said...

Sounds like a great enrichment. I can see that Sister Gee would be really organized. Good for you on taking her challenge.