Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

Kadyn looks at him in nearly every picture... he thinks it's because he's her favorite (fyi: she says Dada like there's no tomorrow)... Really she's looking at him because he's just ran from the camera- to set the timer- and into our picture. :) I keep trying to teach her Mama, it's not working so well.
Sailor dresses, gotta love it!!!

*The funny thing is I have 4 of these dresses.


Mikki said...

Oh my gosh. What gorgeous pictures. Your girls are so, so, so cute. Love the sailor dresses.
Love your dress too. That is SO cute. And of course, I'm really digging those shoes too.

Jared and Kari said...

Ok, so I always love your little girls' dresses, but I wanna know where you get YOUR adorable dresses! I need to get some!

Love the hair, by the way!

dadTB said...

What great dresses! The girls are looking so happy.

Maybe, just maybe, Matt, the babe looks at you because you're the only male in the whole bunch! LOL

We've had such strange and unseasonal weather here in Pa. this week.

I went fishing three times this past week... Tues, Fri., and Sunday.

We started the week off in winter jackets and freezing morning temperatures and ended our week with 91 degree, shorts, and t-shirts!! The East is just plain crazy right now, but will settle down by Wednesday with the air temperature falling back into the 60's... Maybe we'll experience Springtime now. :-)

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

The Foulgers said...

I love that you take pictures each Sunday! You all look great! I wish I could be at your coupon class. I'm sure you'll have a full house!

Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Super cute dresses!!! Love them! I also love the fact that you have four of them. I guess that means you need another girl!

thepainterfamily said... favorite part of this whole post is the last line! haha!