Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

Picture Overload... it's been a while since we had everyone in Sunday Pictures.
The girls all have matching sunflower dresses, so precious (thank you Aunt Chiarina, love them). The weather is gorgeous, it's going to hit the 80's this week... time to break out the capris... we've already painted our toes!
I can't believe how blue her eyes are.
Little Miss Personality, or should I say screamer... did you all hear her in Sacrament? She wouldn't do a morning nap.
Pretty red toes!

Such cute dresses!
With matching white cardigans, love it!!!
Two peas in a pod, too bad you can't tell but Kylie's got a matching hair clip to Kacey's headband.
The funny thing about this one (Matthew took it) he didn't even tell her to pose, she just crossed her little legs and put her arms like that... she can be so darling!


Sheri said...

Those dresses are so cute. What auntie didn't buy you one to match, how mean, haha.

Adam and Samantha said...

Your girls always look so cute!! Those dresses are adorable! Love the painted toe, I can't wait until I can paint Malia's

The High Family- said...

So cute! I love those dresses. My favorite color is yellow. All your girls are getting so big!

Delfa said...

Hey Nicole-
I don't know if you remember me but I found your blog through someone's else's the other day and your family is so darling!!
Just wanted to say hi!