Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. Family Traditions~ we've developed quite a few over the years (like Chinese food on Christmas Eve, random!!) Here is a new one this year, The Elf on the Shelf. The girls named him Yart. Don't ask, I have no idea. We read it every night.
2. The SNOW! It really was cool, this is our first year here where it's snowed. Can't say I missed it over the past few years, but it really was fun. I still can't believe they called off school on account of this!
Kylie with snow in her hair. She was elated!3. Preschool Christmas Program- as expected, it was adorable! They had Santa hats and reindeer antlers. Oh and the cute little Christmas gift handprint, the gingerbread house... Tate goes all out!

4. Awesome Friends- Thank you to the awesome girls who battled the elements for our GNO last night. Super fun, you all are great... it was so fun and thanks for seeing Twilight (again with me).

5. And I'm thankful for a great birthday. Seriously isn't my husband the sweetest! He's the best. He did that post while I was out Wed evening... I kinda knew he had something up his sleeve when his reminder went off on his phone that said, "Blog About Nicole." Hehe, so I figured something was up. However, I do feel that he completely humilated me with the pictures, I really was a cute child. So here's my attempt at redeeming myself.


Me. I actually still have that outfit, I should get a pic of Kadyn in it and then post the pics.
Kadyn now, see how she looks like me! She really does... no I'm not in denial Matthew.Me at 4. Also, I like how his favorite picture of me is the one where I could NOT look anymore different from what I look like now... that blonde hair thing was a phase.


Rosanne Boyd said...

Um..I know i am a horrible sister-in-law but your number is not in my phone and Bryan is at work- but I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! I know it is horrible to put it on your blog comment but Happy Birthday! p.s. I do think Kadyn looks like you. :)

mae said...

I heard Sin City got buried today with 3.5 inches of snow!!! Hope you guys can dig out alright! ;)

Missy said...

Happy B-day! It was so fun last night, glad we got to celebrate with you!
I love the pics! I have one probably from the same year with the same background! (your 4 yr old one)

thepainterfamily said...

oh, I thought you looked cute in ALL those pictures!

Ok, I have to know many times HAVE you seen twilight? haha! awesome!

love the "Yart" name! cute!

The Foulgers said...

I am not getting sick of seeing the Las Vegas snow pictures. I'm glad your girls enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Notice how nobody is mentioning they think Kadyn looks like you! :) Even your father and grandmother say she looks like me. I'll give you the bottom half of Kacey's face, but that's it! Still love you though!

-Best Husband in the Whole Wide World

Kaylan said...

Hey Nicole! Okay so I am a terrible friend and didn't get a chance to write you a Happy Birthday note the other day when I checked the Blog. Happy Belated Birthday! I see that you saw Twilight again! That makes 5 times now :) You are single handedly keeping this movie running at #3 in the nation :)So, seeing the picture of you as as a baby and seeing Kadyn makes me think that "you" finally have child that looks nothing like Matt! Really. She is all you :)Love Kylie's haircut! Very sassy! Have a great day!