Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Today I'm thankful for:

1. A beautiful home that's cool in the summer and warm in the winter, yummy food (I love to cook Thanksgiving dinner), a hot hubby (who's started reading New Moon with me) and 3 beautiful babies who let me sleep a majority of the night. What else could I ask for!

2. Sweet baby Kadyn who's satisfied with all that I do. She's so easy, so content, just happy to be held and loved. And I'm so grateful that she'll never remember how many times I've mistakenly called her Kacey :) The unconditional love a baby has to her mother, so sweet and wonderful... nothing like it.

3. Cheap gas. We've lived in Vegas for nearly 4 years, never have we seen it under $2.25. Not that I drive anywhere far, not that I fill up often enough that it even matters, but seeing gas at $1.90 just makes me happy!

4. Uncle Aaron's visit. He's become a regular guest for Thanksgiving since he's been up at BYU. I love it when he comes down. First of all, the girls adore him. Second of all, he eats like you wouldn't believe. I'm Italian, it makes me happy when I see people eat. And he eats anything and likes it... Matthew is the pickiest eater (so are our children).

5. Our Disneyland trip is next week, yippeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love Disneyland when it's decorated for Christmas.

*now it's time for me to get my turkey going... dinner at noon, movies at 3!*


Remember in a post a while ago, I think it was on the 9th year anniversary that I met Matthew... I mentioned he had blonde tipped hair, everyone commented on wanting to see a picture of it, well I found a picture... here's the hot stuff I fell in love with!


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a blessed and beautiful day :) ♥ Hugs!

Missy said...

1st, great list!! Second, great picture of Matthew! I especially love the tucked in shirt!!(not that we all didn't do it)

Mikki said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanks for sharing the picture of Matthew with the tips. Very cool!
I always love your thankful Thursday's!

dadTB said...

We are now home after spending the Thanksgiving Day at Denny's and Judy's beautiful home.

Dinner was just fantastic. Little Addy wasn't too keen on the turnips. In fact, the only ones at the table who actually liked the turnips were Uncle Jim and Denny... Ugh!

Brad had to work today and didn't show until later in the afternoon. God bless those who must work on this wonderful day.

I was watching and HBO special this morning while laying in bed. It was about families who lost loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was entitled 'Last Letters...' It brought me to tears watching moms and dads, husbands and wives, suffering as they read the letters from their deceased loved ones. I am so sympathetic towards these folk... Please pray that those remaining come home safe and soon. We are so fortunate to be able to be safe at home for the holidays.

When we arrived at Grandma and Grandpa Boyd's home, we were just in time to see Santa arriving by sleigh at the Macey Thanksgiving Day Parade... let the feast begin!

Addy was so cute and we got time to spend with her. We had seen her over the summer at some of the local Lancaster Barnstormer baseball games. She's such a happy baby. That's for sure.

We want to see some pics of all the food that Aaron likes to eat... :-)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom