Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. A decent night's sleep... last night was a good night. So far we've only had good nights, but every night when we go to sleep I worry that tonight's gonna be the bad one... so far so good.
2. Service: Momma's little helpers. It's nice having extra hands that can grab something for me or help carry things up the steps as I'm holding Kadyn. And also the service that's been rendered to our family with all the yummy dinners being brought to our home. It's been such a huge help, we've had leftovers like crazy... makes my life much easier!
3. The YW and their leaders. Last night for their activity, they had a baby shower for me and Kim Meeks- our babies are just days apart. It was so cute and thoughtful of them! Fun games, I got a whole bunch of sweet gifts... really fun evening out! Thank you for thinking of me even though I've been out of YW for a bit now!
4. Priesthood Blessings. Tuesday, Kadyn developed a nasty cough, so we took her into the dr's. Four hours later, we were still there. She was four-tenths of a degree off from being admitted into the hospital. (I wouldn't have been able to handle that) She had to get blood tests, too bad it took them FOREVER to find her little veins (that nearly killed me)... the tests came back fine, but her temperature was still too high. And they don't give fever reducer meds because it can mask the real problem in newborns. I left with them saying if it got higher, take her to the ER immediately. We got home, Matthew gave her a blessing and she's been in the 97-98 range ever since.
5. 1999 Ford Explorer. My van's battery died as I was going to said dr appt on Tuesday. (ugh) I changed my parents' whole afternoon as I threw my older girls in their direction and took off with one of their vehicles, Kadyn in tow. Fully gassed up, good air conditioning for nearly 10 years old. Anyways, my car battery was completely covered under AAA warranty and we didn't have to pay a penny for a new one... kinda nice, thankful for that too :)


thepainterfamily said...

I just love your thankful thursday posts...and your header gets me everytime! :) hehe! LOVE IT! So glad to hear you've only had good nights! AWESOME!

Mikki said...

I'm glad she's ok. When Haley was two months old, we took her in to the doctor to check on her cold, he ended up having her ambulanced over to Sunrise Childrens, because she wasn't getting enough oxygen-scariest few hours of my life. It's so tough when they're tiny and sick.
Wonderful blessings.

Shurtliff Family said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to check out your blog--we just got power back last night! Two whole weeks in Houston without power...what a nightmare! Your new little girl is BEAUTIFUL! You are truly blessed with three little angels! And congrats on the "good" nights...ours are pretty good too! Love ya! -Kari

The Foulgers said...

Wow, I'm glad that she is alright! I'm also glad that you are getting rest. I always said as long as I get my rest, I'm a happy momma!